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Lombre breathes forth a very Icy Wind, which immediately hits Dratini before it can charge up its Ice Beam to retun fire. The Icy Wind manages to push Dratini farther away from Lombre while simultaneously freezing the Leech Seed, giving it space to retaliate with a nice Ice Beam. The Ice energy zigzags into Lombre, partially freezing its torso. Lombre mumbles quietly and moves around a bit, performing a Rain Dance. The sky immediately begins to cloud over and drizzle slightly as Dratini rests a bit, not needing to shrug off the Leech Seed anymore. The Leech Seed is now useless.

Dratini is free from the Leech Seed but is pretty cold and thus speed is only slightly above normal thanks to Dragon Dance bonus. Damage took a high hit thanks to typing, and is now only a good bit above 3/4ths. Energy use was moderate. Toxic will start to affect it next turn.

Lombre's paralysis is nearly gone. When it starts raining heavily next turn, its SC while take effect. Energy use was moderate, and is a good bit away from 3/4. Damage took a strong hit, and is now past the 3/4 mark.

Breeder KJ, orders please.
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