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Dratini begins to spin around like a DANCING DRAGON as Lombre facepalms at my joke and fires off a Leech Seed. Despite the fast movement on the part of Dratini, the Leech Seed is able to burst around it and constrict the movement of Dratini. Lombre then walks up to Dratini and spews Toxic over the Dragon, looking gleefully as the Toxic begins to absorb into its skin. However, it looks like the Toxic has affected the Leech Seed as well, so its energy regaining ability will be severely hindered.

Dratini used a good amount of energy and took no damage. It is currently covered in a damaged Leech Seed and Toxic is seeping into its veins. When it can move freely, it will move faster than usual.

Lombre used a solid amount of energy (more than Dratini) and took no damage. It is still partially paralyzed, though that is wearing off some.

Emp, orders please.
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