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Originally Posted by Breeder KJ
Dragon: Level 2 Female Dratini
A very hyper and playful Pokemon. As an expert in practical jokes, Dragon is often the comedic relief of serious training sessions. While loving to play, her expertise in trickery and jokes comes across cunning on the battle field.

Dragon come on out!! Start things off with Twister, then follow up with a Thunder Wave!!
Originally Posted by empoleon dynamite
Nacho: Lombre (F) Lv.2
Born in the slums of a Mexican shanty town, Nacho was taken in by a family of squatters; Paco, his wife and their two children. Paco hoped she would one day blossom into a tasty meal, the girth of which could feed the family for a whole seven days. Blissfully unaware of the family’s intentions, Nacho would relish in whatever food scraps she got, always playing with the family’s children and spontaneously breaking into dance like only Lotad know how. The day came for Nacho to evolve into a somewhat delicious Lombre – at which point the family had forgotten all about their roast duck and kept her as a household pet. Alas, with Nacho’s added girth came an added mouth to feed, Paco’s wife was pregnant with a third child and there was no way they could keep Nacho. The happy-go-lucky Lombre was very upset to leave her family behind, but promised she would travel to the city and send some monies back to the squatters. The next few days of Nacho’s life would be spent in an urban backdrop where she became a struggling street performer. Every time Nacho danced a horrible rain cloud would fill the sky, which only managed to piss off the passersby. Emp eventually stumbled upon Nacho and recognised her awesome dancing talents. The trainer suggested they joined forces as they’d make a lot more monies through prize money from Pokémon battles.
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"Catch your foe off guard with Fake Out, then follow up with Uproar!"
Both Pokemon are released onto the football field in a flash of light. In the middle of the field stand the two Pokemon with their trainers next to them. Both Pokemon and trainers briefly shake appendages and then the trainers walk off the field, ready for orders. The stadium lights shine as the referee blows his whistle, signifying the start of the match. Lombre immediately jumps towards Dratini and slaps it, startling the dragon before it immediately spins, creating a Twister that slams into Lombre and sends it flying for high damage. Lombre pouts and releases a large Uproar which hurts Dratini despite the distance. Dratini quickly locks Lombre in a Thunder Wave, partially paralyzing it.

Lombre took a high hit there , but health is less than halfway to 3/4ths. Energy use was moderate. It is partially paralyzed, which will affect any attacks requiring the use of appendages next round.

Dratini took some moderate damage but is looking a lot better with health than Lombre. Energy use was high, and was a lot more than Lombre, though not even halfway to 3/4ths yet. It's a little shaky from that Fake Out.

The Pokemon are around 12 feet/4 meters apart.

RNG says that... Breeder KJ will order first, followed by empoleon dynamite!
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