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Steam floated upward past Athena's face as she poured hot water over a tea bag in a ceramic mug. She added honey and lemon, stirring the tea gently with a spoon before she carefully picked the cup up and brought it to a makeshift table she had made with a cardboard box and some spare cushions. Her Mawile, Eclair, sat on the other side of the table, looking impatient. Red eyes watched as her trainer unwrapped two pieces of blue candy.

"Ok, ready Eclair?" Athena asked her Pokemon, who was now trying to reach across the table to grab the candy out of her hand. She handed her one piece at a time, and the Mawile excitedly popped them into her mouth. "It's not as great as battling, but it's fun to gain some levels, right?" Eclair nodded her head as she chewed the last piece. The trainer scrolled through a page on her phone that contained information about the Steel and Fairy type sitting in front of her.

"So I think you're supposed to learn a new move...?" She looked up at her partner, trying to see if the addition of three levels had any effect. Eclair looked down, not answering her trainer. "Eclair?" Athena looked worried as her Pokemon turned away from her. "Eclair? Do you not feel well? Was there something wrong with the candies?!" The Pokemon slowly lifted her face, revealing tears streaming from her eyes. Athena, worried, rushed to her Pokemon's side.

"What's wrong 'Clair!" She pulled the Mawile into a hug, starting to feel panicked. Athena grabbed her phone and frantically searched the page for any information about Mawile having bad reactions to Rare Candy. Suddenly, she felt Eclair reach into the pocket of her sweatshirt and take something out. She pulled away from her trainer and fled across the room, happily popping the candy she had stole into her mouth. Athena found what she was looking for, and looked angrily back at Eclair, who was now buckled over laughing.

Eclair grew to Level 6!
Eclair grew to Level 7!
Eclair grew to Level 8!
Eclair learned Fake Tears!

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