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Re: Free For All Zone

Originally Posted by Torkoal Stu
Dragon 11 ~ Update 2
“All your humans are just the same…corrupted, flawed, soulless…you do nothing but lie, I know you want to fight and cause pain more than anything in the world,” the girls voice replies scornfully which makes you wonder why exactly she seems to hate people so much. Xype springs into action as you find you have to battle this ghostly witch and her strange girl trainer, your order your moves quickly yet carefully while the Mismagius decides its time to show you its skills. Mismagius starts by creating a purple sphere in front of itself, which begins to increase in size as it becomes amplified by more and more ghostly energy. Xype spots this as a good opportunity to use Sucker Punch, he then dives straight forward and smashes Mismagius in the gut for quite good damage as she then releases her Shadow Ball which quickly comes into contact with the Murkrow as he didn’t have enough time to get away. Your Pokemon then quickly shakes off this hit and then begins to charge right at Mismagius, gaining more and more speed until he smashes right into her once again for more damage. Mismagius lets out a cry of pain which turns into a very loud high pitch scream, which practically deafens you and Xype. After the sound from the Screech attack subsides Xype then covers himself in a dark aura due to his wicked thoughts and then tackles right into Mismagius for the third time, dealing pretty good dark damage.

However the Mismagius doesn’t seem to do anything after the third attack, she floats back to her original place on the bar and seems to await her orders. Suddenly, the little girl with the black eyes, pink dress and waist long blonde hair materialises next to her hurt partner and looks directly at you with her pirecing eyes giving you a look of pure disgust. “My poor sweet dear dare you! Mismagius, give him a taste of your psychic now!” She screams pointing directly at you as Mismagius is surrounded by a magnificent blue aura. You feel as if you’re losing control of yourself as you get forcefully shoved against one of the bar walls, Xype flies quickly over to you as you attempt to break free of the psychic hold that has you currently stuck against the wall. “You’re all the same, I can smell it on you…don’t worry I will soon finish you off and you'll be free of your flawed human existance.” What will you do now?
Torkoal Stu Heaven Part 2: The Favor

Gabriel shrugged and sighed, but before he could explain, Gretchen wakes up, very happy to see her trainer. After a few happy moments Gabriel interrupts, "I wouldn't have to ask you if I could only be material in your world for one minute a day, but I'm getting off topic. I'm sorry, I'm not the most organized speaker. Well, um, heaven has a bit of a problem. Arceus was defeated by a rebellion of the other, as you know them, legendary pokemon.

"Long story short, his spirit was seperated into the sixteen plates that symbolize his many types. That's where you come in. But don't worry, we have most of them. Thirteen, to be exact. All we need is the Dread Plate, and the Draco Plate. Rayquaza, the leader of the rebellion, has realized my goal to bring back Arceus and has hidden them at sites I cannot enter. That said, I know where they are. They are in the FB, oh, that's your world. The Fabric Between. It connects the sub-dimensions.

"Back to the point, the plates are in the lands known as Aryle, as, for some reason, I cannot reach it. Firstly, the Draco Plate is in the Gemini Sanctuary in the Dragon Sanctuary in the Hellfire Mountains. Be warned, many, if not all, of the Dragon legendaries will be there to protect the plate.

"The Dread Plate is in the Temple of the Reaper. Even I fear what is in in there. Though, at least, you won't be alone. You will have my Dragonite with you."

As Gabriel finishes his monologue, the door opens, causing you to shield your eyes once again. As the door closes, you see a shiny Dragonite taking up the little space left inside the room. The Dragonite is rather cheerful, with an innocent look across his face. He bows and lets out a "Dragonite" as if to say "Good day."

"You don't have to accept, and I'll take you back to where I found you, but Rayquaza will still probably will be after you. But if you accept, my Dragonite is all the help I can give you. My powers can transport you to the site, but Dragonite will have to give you transport to the other."

This is quite a lot of information, though not very well delivered, so what will you do.

Aero watched the battle unfold from the shadow ball attempt to the his Murkrow's final blitz. He deemed Xype to be ahead, though many things could easily go wrong. Then he turned his attention to the little girl, pondering what happened to her and more importantly, why she was so ticked off at the world. Then she talked. But it isn't long before the ghost-type was surrounded by blue and the little girl had her ghost companion pin him to the wall with its psychic powers. He was definitely gonna feel that in the morning.

Then the little girl continued her rant. Big words for such a little girl. Especially considering the fact that it was a Dark versus a Ghost, "Don't nag about this battle you little brat. I don't even want to fight. This place was in shambles before we got here, probably because of you! I tried to help you and this is what I get. You're going to see just how nasty humans can get! Murkrow, Faint Attack quick. This is really uncomfortable. Then, Taunt and Assurance again. This little twerp of a specter had it coming, and it has arrived."
FB Squad

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