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In seriousness, words can't express how much I love this team, and a special shoutout to Marcus Smart and Al Horford. Smart put his absolute heart into every single play, playing harder than the entire Cavs team (LeBron included!) combined. Meanwhile, Horford recovers from a dirty-ass play from JR Smith to absolutely torch the Cavs, putting them away for good. Such heart! Such grit! Such resilience! Such... everything that the Raptors weren't!

You can talk about how the blow to LeBron's head shook him up, but even when he took over the game in the first quarter, they were still only up by 4. In the second quarter, even before LeBron got hit, he just looked completely gassed, staying lazy on defense and being pretty passive on offense. We'll see if he feels more energetic in front of a Cleveland home crowd, but this win was because of far more than an accidental blow to LeBron's head. Hope he's all right, though, I'm surprised that Koby Altman immediately dismissed the idea that he has a concussion. That could be serious business if it is, not just for this series.

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