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{Sorry this is so late, I couldn't figure out what I was going to do for a while!}

With multiple Pokemon suffering from status conditions, Wendy taking a lot of damage in addition to being Frozen stuck to the ground, and Ginny still being a threat because Wendy wasn’t there to keep her busy, Stewie looked stronger than ever. Worse still, one Shadow Shed was all it took to render any defensive spells useless, and it would be a waste of time to try putting those up again. *Sera, we won’t have enough time to get you the stat boosts you need, so let’s not worry about that,* Hyrem thought so the Mega Gardevoir could hear. *Instead, use Heal Bell to cure our friends’ of what’s ailing them, then give Wendy a Heal Pulse so she can get back into the fight before joining it yourself: use Psychic to hold Stewie in place!*

He then turned to his other three Pokemon. “Daphne, use Dig before surprising Ginny with a Whirlwind! If that doesn’t blow her away, then Rock Smash her! Wendy, once you’re defrosted, Fly over to where the Honchkrow is and defend him with Protect! Then use Flamethrower on whichever of the two targets is closest to you at that time! Zatch, you’ll be working with Daphne for this one; Coil yourself up so you’re ready to Bind up Ginny if Daphne’s Whirlwind doesn’t work! Then Aqua Tail her; you’re probably going to attack after Daphne, so you should be able to take advantage of the Defense drop she might get out of the Rock Smash!”

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