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Round 3: Mind so cloudy, feel so lousy

Whilst Flo starts to come back to her senses, Hisako tiredly starts to emit some waves of Psychic energy at her foe. They move sluggishly towards Flo, who regains her senses just as the first one hits her. The more she is hit, the more she struggles to follow up on her orders, as the onslaught of Psywave finishes for a fifth hit. Flo starts to teeter, as she charges her next attack, although the disorientation makes her unable to get a clear grasp on the exact location of Hisako. Regardless, she looses a Signal Beam, which strikes Abra on the shoulder, dealing a slightly reduced, but super effective blow. Hisako glares back at Flo, focusing a Wave of electric tendrils towards her target. As Flo tries to regain her focus to Protect herself, she gets caught by the crackling Thunder. Her body locks up as she realises what is happening finally. Since she's already been caught, she understands that there is no reason to Protect anymore. Hisako looks on, still panting, as Flo glances back at her, revitalised but locked in place.

Defensive moves from both sides, some working better than others! Carma-

Carmack: Hey man can you take this one? I gotta plant these seeds I found in the greenhouse.

*sigh* I guess so. I mean when you set your mind to something it's not like I can stop you.

So, looks like Hisako took a larger hit in that round but she still holds the tiniest lead in health. She appreciated the lesser energy usage but she still hasn't had a chance to fully catch her breath, and is still panting. Electric is still alright but starting to diminish.

Flo on the other hand appreciated the one move round, even if it was accidental. She's slightly below Hisako on health, exactly through the first quarter. Plenty of Bug energy left.

Trot to order please.

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