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Hey there! I can't wait to get started, let's give it our best. Here we go, time for my friends to show themselves!

Usurahi - Snorunt, Female, Level 1 We've have new playmates. Come closer, will you!?
Spoiler: show
Bio: Streets and roads covered in frost and ice are not a normal sight, but that's what I encountered when I met Usurahi. I dared to follow a frosty trail and had an encounter, she was actually just playing around. But I didn't know that at the time and was ready with a Fire type of mine to stop all the mayhem she's been causing. But she didn't really care and froze me solid with icy breath! It took a while but I was able to break free, but Usurahi was still there, she was smiling and said "Let's play again!". I found it quite bizarre, but then I got hit with a great idea. So I pulled out a spare pokeball and asked her if she wanted to play a different game. She happily agreed and jumped right in! Usurahi is very cheery and never cold like you'd expect a pokemon like her to be. She's really just a playful joker who never can take things seriously. She's really one who can throw you off!

Flo - Spheal, Female, Level 1 No matter what happens, i'll always keep my cool.
Spoiler: show
Bio: Flo, being round and well-rounded, is a cool gal that can roll with the punches. Even if things looks a little rough, she does her best to keep her cool and stop tensions among the others from getting too high. She's relatively cool in many sense of the word. Just go with the Flo, as she says!

Signature Tech: Flo loves snacking on things, but sometimes she gets harder things stuck in her teeth that it's a real bother...A trip to the Dentist where she got a really stubborn seed in resulted into a bit of an amusing accident. During the checkup she let out a HUGE sneeze while he gave a tug and managed to shoot the seed clean out...

...As well as the Dentist...

...through some supplies...

...and out the window!

It was a pretty impressive bluster, but thankfully they didn't bill us for the damage she caused. Afterwards she felt much better. But now whenever Flo gets something stuck in her teeth, she learned how to get it out herself. Just watch out if you're in the way, those shots can break more than windows!

Special Attack: Ballistic Tusks (Flying)
Flo opens her mouth wide and gathers a Good amount of Flying energy. Aiming at a target, she fires two fast-moving tusk-shaped bolts of energy at high speed, which strike the target for Good damage. The bolts fly at such a harsh impact that it can send most opponents flying back, even heavier opponents. The limit of fairly knocking back opponents is 1.5x her own weight, after which it will become more difficult. She can use this move up to 3 times in a battle. Learning this move, she refuses to use Ice Ball or Sheer Cold.

Hidden Power: Flying

Lucy - Mawile, Female, Level 1 I won't fall for any mind games. Hm? Oh quiet, you!
Spoiler: show
Bio: This split personality is a pretty loose-cannon lass. She'll (literally) snap at anyone she thinks can't be trusted. Although me and my pokemon pals seem are spared from that, where she is more open. She herself loves to play the tomboy, while the jaw is more forward and sneaky! It's not uncommon to see them quarreling, but they're pretty much inseparable...quite literally!

Hidden Power: Fairy

Taffy - Goomy, Male, Level 1 Just because i'm squishy doesn't mean i'm weak.
Spoiler: show
Bio: This fellow was found in some wetlands where the ground there was thickest and most wet. I was wandering about where he plopped onto my head and surprised me quite so! After which he just stuck with me, in more ways than one! This pliable playhouse prefers to be perky. Though it doesn't take much to have his feelings hurt, and tends to throw a fit here and there whenever he doesn't get his way...He may be a little soft-hearted(and really soft-bodied), but I don't really mind! Although things obviously get messy when he gets affectionate...

Hidden Power: Fairy

Melynx - Purrloin, Male, Level 1 Nyahaha! I can't wait to mess with 'em!
Spoiler: show
Bio: Don't let this feline fool you, Melynx is quite the troublemaker. He knows many a prank and practical joke that his devious mind can concoct. If you find something odd about your pants or have items missing, he's usually to blame! Despite this infamous love for trickery, he simply messes with his friends and others for the sheer sport of it. He doesn't truly mean any harm...unless you give him a reason to...He is the troublesome rival to the better-mannered Felyne.

Signature Tech: For some odd reason, he always manages to get the best of his light-pelted rival. Felyne likes to keep secret stashes of rare apricorns, but so does Melynx, and they are often wanting to outdo the other's stash. No matter how well hidden Felyne can put his collection away, for some odd reason, Melynx manages to find it out, Purrloin it all for his own, and leave Felyne with a rather nasty surprise in its place! Felyne still hasn't figured out how his Dark counterpart able to get the best of him...But despite all this, the two still manage to stay pals! I often see Melynx give Felyne a pat on the back and leave a big pawprint on him. Wait a sec...Could THAT be how he does it?!

Special Technique: Pawprint Stamp (Dark)
Using Solid energy, Melynx creates a wand with a paw-shaped head and waves it at his target, flinging a projectile. That pokemon will be mysteriously stamped with a bizarre purple pawprint with an M in its center. As long as this stamp remains on the target, Melynx will always know their location. So attempts to hide from or throw off Melynx will always prove useless, even if they are behind an illusion or Substitute. This will remain on the target for 3 turns. The stamp is invisible to anyone but the user, unless the stamped opponent uses a tracking move (Such as Foresight, Odor Sleuth, etc.), in which case such moves are able to reveal and dispel it. He threw Foul Play, Swagger, and Payback out of his repertoire of trickery as a result of learning this ability.

Hidden Power: Poison

Doremi - Chatot, Female, Level 1 ♪The lush of the leaves, the whistle of wind. Of all the pleasantries within...♪ Oh! Sorry about that.
Spoiler: show
Bio: This silly songbird is always apt to burst out in song! Doremi always has a sort of rhythm about her, and always speaks in a melody, rhyme, verse, or such of that magnitude. Everyone seems to find her muse amusing, so they always seek her out for a little rhythmic R and R! Is your imagination in tune enough enough to pick up HER tune?

Signature Tech: There was a time where Doremi had just finished reading a book, it had a real tearjerker of an ending. Even though the book's ending made her feel sad, she still enjoyed it. But it also inspired her to start singing. She ended up performing a moving but sad tune that echoed throughout my house. Music can be an impressive power, because anyone who would hear her song would be suddenly hit with with overwhelming feelings and moved to tears! Even my more hard-hided friends would feel it, even if they don't show it...Doremi didn't notice how moving her melody was until she flew by and see everyone bawling. I wiped my tears and asked her where she heard such a thing, she just made it up. She was happy that everyone liked it and flew off, but I had to go back and get alot of tissues....*Sniff*

Special Technique: Moody Elegy (Dark)
Using a Considerable amount of Dark energy, Doremi sings a moving but very sad and upsetting melody. This tearjerker of a tune overwhelms opposing pokemon who hear it and makes them mysteriously cry, regardless of stature. This will make them experience a harsh drop in their enthusiasm, as well as a Decent loss in energy(But does not contribute to exhaustion). This move is considered a clever Curse, but can only be used once in a battle.

Hidden Power: Electric

Most of these are Psychic types. We won't let them get in our heads so easily! Alright, Flo. Let's go!

Sure thing, bud. I'm ready to roll!
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