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UPN PASBL: Beautiful Savage vs Trot Away

Guess who's back with nothing better to do over the summer! It's your favourite should-be-B-rank-but-now-ungraded referee, George! I'll be joined by Carmack the Abra for today to help me with the analysis of this battle. Anything to add Carmack?

Carmack: Nah man you got this. I'm just gonna chill in the corner and listen to my thoughts man.

Excellent analysis as always. Lets see our contenders today. Beautiful Savage, and Trot Away take to the stage, and what a stage it is!

Beautiful Savage (C) vs Trot Away (A)
Equiall 1
72 HR DQ
Return = KO
Arena: Greenhouse
Spoiler: show
Greenhouse: A large metal and glass construct, typically in the shape of a dome. The Greenhouse envelops a large, indoors forest, with all manners of foliage imaginable. Most notably, numerous trees are interspersed throughout the surroundings. The ground underfoot is made simply of soil, and is easily manipulated. Sunlight coming from outside will be amplified by the glass, making moves such as Synthesis more efficient and allowing Solar Beam a quicker charge time. Grass Pokemon will feel much more comfortable in these surroundings than any other Pokemon. This arena is considered to be indoors.
Carmack: That's so chill man. Its, like, so natural.

That it is my young hippie companion. And with the introduction over, let's get the battle underway!

Squad from Beautiful Savage please.
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