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Originally Posted by Lil'twick View Post

Figuring out the best solution you have with what's available, you have your Delcatty begin to whip up a Blizzard. The galeforce winds are more neutral than icy, due to Toby's Normalize ability. So while it is a tiny bit chilly, it won't be causing anyone frostbite. With the force of the winds, the Delcatty can easily blow away most of the ash around you.

Looking over at Yang, she just pulls out a pair of green goggles with orange lenses and a face mask. She quickly puts both on, and the combo is enough to keep her undeterred from the falling ash. Considering this isn't the first time on the island, it made sense she already had a solution on hand for herself.

Though Toby's Blizzard wasn't going to last forever, and the flock of Talonflame weren't going to be going anywhere soon. You do notice that they seem to be looking towards you now, the thermal flows being interrupted. In the distance, you do see the unexplored opening to the mines. Well, that left a decision to be made. Do you go ahead and beeline straight towards the mines and pray it works out, or try to have the Talonflame leave the area to have the ash die down?

What do you do?
Curtis takes a breath of air now that he's not in danger of breathing in ash and the strong winds help him cool down. Now that he's no longer baking as much in his fursuit, he finally feels that he can take a moment to calm down and not be quite as rushed... though those Talonflame are staring down at him now...

It takes him a moment to realize that it's because Toby's little Blizzard is messing up their thermals. His first thought is that he could have Annahime shoot up some flames to bring the thermals back, but that'd just wear her out (if it's even possible). Besides, Toby's going to get worn out sooner rather than later if he keeps the winds up too.

As Curtis looks up at the scary birds-of-prey, he feels their gazes coming down on him more and more. Getting nervous, Curtis considers just throwing some berries at the Talonflames to appease them but- that won't make them go away, it might even encourage them to stick around!

At a loss, he only has one real option left.

The fursuited trainer turns to Yang and speaks up, "Do you think you could do something about the flock of Talonflame? Clear them out?" He looks back up to the birds, "I... can't deal with all this ash... not for long enough to get to the cave at least..." He'd never thought he'd have to have Toby use Blizzard for this long- never trained for it.

He takes a deep breath of clear air while he can. Either he gets help from Yang or... he'll have to head back and try to wait the flock out... or he could just make a mad dash for it but that would certainly risk drawing more attention from the Talonflame flock... or least resort he tries to attack them but without Yang's help there's no way that'd work out well.

Whatever he does, it's gonna be all up to what Yang does next... if she even decides to help. Ever since he met her, it's just felt like she's constantly testing him. Or maybe she just doesn't like helping? Whatever her deal is, Curtis just hopes that the senior Pokemon Trainer has a way to get past this that will also let him past.
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