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Originally Posted by Sneaze View Post
Lil’twick - Having traversed down deep into the darkness, you find yourself, despite standing in what seems to be the middle of the room, rather backed into a corner by the dark figure lunging towards you. Your first instinctive reaction is to grab something to use as a buffer to prevent the gremlin from reaching your phone, and produce a Ghost Ball, the eerie glow of the item shimmering throughout what you can now see to be large crystals dotting the sides of the cave, as well as in the gems dotting the creature swiftly approaching you.

But just as swiftly as the ball appeared in your hand, you find it disappearing, replaced by a faded, cracked stone, made of what looks somewhat like glass and now devoid of coloration. The quick Trick by the creature sees your ball taken into its other claw, before it springs itself off of your shoulder and onto one of the nearby crystals, proceeding to scale the wall and onto the ceiling before examining its newfound prize. The faint glow of the ball shimmers an eerie purple in the creature’s bright red gemstone eyes as it gazes upon the device, using its mouth and sharp teeth to turn it about in its hand as its other claw grips the stalactites of the cave roof.

That is, until the prodding of its sharp teeth triggers the ball’s buffer mechanism, and the creature is enveloped in more light than this cave has likely ever seen, sucked into the Ghost Ball with as it begins to wobble furiously as it falls to the ground, landing with an oh so satisfying “click”.

You have caught a level 4 male Sableye with EM Trick!

Your gambit having payed off spectacularly, the ball rolls along the floor slightly after landing, illuminating a small horde of items that can only be assumed to have been scavenged by the Sableye from the poor ride goers and adventurers who were unlucky enough to find themselves having fallen from the Ghost Train and into this crevasse. Perhaps this is where he was attempting to take his prize before you gave chase?

Ethan watched as his quick reaction paid off, and went to grab the ghost ball that was sitting on the ground. He pulled out his Rotom Phone and watched as the device analyzed the capture, before spitting out the information. A Male Sableye, only level four, but it does know Trick. Well, he knew that much from it snatching the ghost ball from him. Still, he has a prize he was after for a while now, and from the looks of it, this wasn't the only prize.

Of course, he needed to decide on a name for the Pokemon. Hmm, well the Sableye seemed to be a Prankster for how it acted and how it scavenged. Famous tricksters... He could feel something tugging at his mind while thinking. The same pull as with Ozy and Niddhoggr. While he didn't have the Silicobra with him, the patrons of those two mons were obvious. Suddenly, a flash of yellow-green crossed his mind, and his name was decided for him. The Prince of Wind was a little vain, so why not.

"I'll name you... Kyle. Rather not make those who are more in the know learn your future patron. At least it can be seen as an addition to the last syllable," Ethan mused. He rather not say Biyarky allowed.

Before letting the Sableye out of the ball, he used his phone to look around the room. There was a pile of items in the room, all shining in some way. Kyle was a hoarder, got it. That was going to be a fun thing to deal with once they all got home. Hopefully, a Mega Stone down the line, if permitted, would quell the Pokemon. Though for now, he'd need to scavenge around to see if the orb was in here.

"Kyle, let's go," he stated as he threw the ghost ball in the air. The Sableye looked at him in confusion, not realizing what was going on. "Hey, you're going to be with me now kid. Can you use your Foresight to look for that orb from earlier? If you want to keep some of your stuff as well, we can take it. I have room."

Hopefully we the Sableye searching his former home, results will be able to be found quite quickly.

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