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Episode 63

Spoiler: show
The big focus on this episode is Litten evolving into Torracat, but I think the more meta concern is we've seen this fight before.

It's basically the exact same fight as in Pokemon - I Choose You!, except in this case it's Litten/Torracat instead of Charmander/Charmeleon.

Charizard fought Incineroar twice, as a newly evolved Charmeleon, and then he evolved into Charizard during the rematch. I don't think Torracat will evolve further, but it's an interesting and (probably) deliberate parallel, which hints that the upcoming M21 will also sport alternate reality shenanigans.

Additionally, with confirmation that Incineroar is Kukui's starter (since Ash's first Pokemon in the region was Rowlet), it looks like his anime team is resembling his game team.

Lycanroc (probable)

I am betting 1000% on Lycanroc, though which Forme is under speculation. We've already seen 2 Midday, 2 Midnight Lycanroc in the series (two wild, one owned by Gladion/Olivia) and Cross in the movie had a Midnight Lycanroc.

Burnett has a Munchlax, so it's probably that will go on Kukui's team as well. The only mystery then would be Magnezone, which we haven't seen hint of at all.

Here's my speculation of Ash's team for the final fight in the series:

Spoiler: show

Pikachu (Electric)
Infernape (Fire/Fighting)
Mega Sceptile (Grass/Dragon)
Ash Greninja (Water/Dark)
Ultra Naganadel (Poison/Dragon)
Ho-Oh (Flying/Fire)
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