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Probably B. It would be stupid if the government let A happen. Their objective is to get rid of the untraceable dollars that are going into black market hands, so making the bills worthless to the banks is like the real-life equivalent question of RPG dump shops.

This isn't the only news out of India, incidentally. I don't know if you guys know, but India is the #1 market for dual sim phones in the world, because there's a lot of carrier and not a lot of overlap between their domains, so it pays to have a phone that can swap from network to network. This is why the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini variant remains a popular sell on Amazon despite being nearly 3 years old and behind the times in hardware, it's juggles the dual sims well for the economy.

The big news is Vodafone (one of the largest telecoms on Earth) had to write down $5B because of competition. How bad? The T-Mobile of India, Reliance Jio Infocomm, is offering free data plans as a promotion if you switch to them. None of the other carriers dare do something that crazy. So Vodafone took a hit.
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