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Originally Posted by Emi View Post
ty deo-senpai


I don't know if the numbers really mean much to me. Even if its effective, its morally abhorrent. I don't know if I can ever agree with it because of that.

There's also other arguments, mainly that it opens up a slippery slope for Duterte to use this kind of power in other regards as well. What he's doing is something that should not be allowed in a civilized world, period.
To not derail the Amercial Politics thread too much I bring this here.

I absolutely agree that the extrajudicial killing, besides unlawful, is morally abhorrent which also goes for the general treatment of some of the drug victims. Many users turn criminal so they're as much part of the problem as they are victims.

The slippery slope though is something I warned my fiancée about too. She and other may think it's all good and well because only the rights of criminals get taken away, but I told her that if they do not fight and push to put a stop to it now, Duterte might see it as a carte blanche to do as he pleases and that there will be no one to left to fight for her if her rights get taken away.

Personally, instead of focusing on the drugs users so much, the majority are just people who need professional help instead of jail, I'd prefer he focuses on fighting Abu Sayaf and some other small Muslim terrorist groups a bit more. Large parts of Mindanao are suffering enough already without having to fear terrorism, kidnappings and death. I know he has intensified the operations against them already, but same as with IS I feel a large scale military operation is the only way the truly eliminate the problem. Especially since political groups exist that fight for the same goal.
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