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Re: Ever17 ―the out of infinity―

Originally Posted by Xuande
Wait, I don't understand, though. When you say "the You path," do you mean Takeshi+You or do you mean Kid+You? Is there really a difference? (I'd imagine there would be.) If there's a difference, then I guess I'll probably do Kid+You. If there's no difference, then I'll definitely do Kid+You so I can figure out the Kid's story and also have fun turning lolis down in order to get You on my side.
To clarify,

Kid/You -> Kid/Sara -> Takeshi/Sora-Takeshi/Tsugumi -> Coco

Originally Posted by Xuande
I just realized that every single one of the choices you can make (before choosing your path) is a Takeshi choice. Poor Kid. lol
Hey...that's right. Never bothered to think about Kid not getting a decision in the prologue.
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