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Re: Ever17 ―the out of infinity―

Originally Posted by Doppleganger
Those are the ones I am referring to. Don't think that just because I'm late to the party doesn't mean I won't sip your half-empty glasses of wine. :p
*doesn't understand what you mean by half-empty, but has a general idea* Anyway, if it is what I think (I think it pretty much means half-assed) then you are correct my good sir. I wanted to say alot more, but I hate it when there's a massive comment that makes the page load up soooooo much slower, so I briefed it as much as I could stand to. My computer is running better, so it doesn't matter now.

Originally Posted by Doppleganger
<-doesn't really understand the complaints behind the download speed. I get most of my downloads at 1.5kb/s, getting eight times that would be a blessing.
Why in the blue hell do you use torrents then? I couldn't stand to take like a day downloading an anime episode just to watch 23 minutes. Since it takes so long, I m i l k anime episodes.

Also, my torrent is like at 2.3% =/. It won't hit 15 until tomorrow afternoon. Well, it sometimes goes faster after I leave the computer, and I am hoping for that speed. There are times when it goes at 36, but that is only when my computer is behaving like a good little boy.
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