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With the stage set and the two trainers prepared for battle, the battlers release their first champions. From Sneaze, Aphie the purple Kecleon takes the field, while Chiko chooses Void the Dusclops. The ref blows a whistle, and the battle commences. Aphie wastes no time in dashing forward, delivering a quick, light hit to Void in hopes of stunning him. Unfortunately for Aphie, Void has already shifted ethereal, meaning her first attack dealt negligible damage and barely delayed Void's first move. The cyclops spreads out a thick haze to try to hide in, but to no avail- Aphie's right in front of him, after all, and as such has no trouble conjuring up an orb of ghostly energy which explodes over Void, the ghastly energies causing the poor Dusclops to cry out in pain. Wanting to retaliate, Dusclops sings out an awful, painful-to-the-ears round of a song, that makes poor Aphie wish she couldn't here things. She takes comfort in the fact that she's much better off than her opponent, though.

Both are comfortably within their first thirds, with Aphie holding a solid lead.
Both fine for two. The pair are less certain of each other's exact whereabouts than they were when the haze started, but still have a decent general idea.

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