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William blinked... Right, he was just some preteenage idiot. He had no life, honestly, that could be given or said. No, all he could do was hope. Though, god above, he could really use a wish right now. A wish to save him from this living hell. He wanted to burn and ignite, light up into flames and waste away. For, the question was valid, and he was stupid. He craved chocolate-coated kisses, beneath the mistletoe. He craved to be alive, even if he wanted death. Part of him wanted to be in another time, place, reality... Where he and Theo were alive, and none of this EVER FUCKING HAPPENED.

He shook his head and gave Goto a wry, defeated smile. Of course, 'play games' on his phone. The phone, he took out, was obviously a dummy slide phone. What phone? He was a Pokemon now. He didn't have a phone. He had a trainer. This was something he had forgotten to ask Oroitz to dump on their way here. Only used to get the horny idiot bird man to help him burn the bar down.

"There's someone here I sorely need to talk to, that's all. Considering my circumstances, I'd normally be able to get through to the door, but I'm missing someone. Knowing him, he's out training everyone else. As for parties, all I'm used to are cute little suburban house parties... Where everything is perfect," he sighs out.

He goes to wave off the man. His cigarette was done, and he was starting to get too pissed. He tried his best to revert back to his true form, but couldn't. Of course, leave it to his patron to manipulate the environment so things would feed his desires. Instead, there was a waiter, looking charmed, coming up the stairs.

"For you, sir, your father wishes to speak with you once the party is over. White Limousine," the waiter states while handing him a small tome before disappearing beneath the stairs.

William cocks his eye, then realizes exactly what was going on. He looked at the lighter and saw the engraving on it. 'Du Pont'. Cheeky fucking bastard. He then looked at the book in his hands and realizes what it is instantly. To most, it would be nothing more than a simple black leather-bound book. No title, unless you had the eyes for it. No, he knew what this musty, worn book was. Lemegton.

"Well, crap. Guess he wants to talk to me too. Now, considering your reaction to this lighter earlier, you've met him," William speaks with absolute ire and disgust. "He's hard to read, and even harder to get anything out of. A kid can only take so much before they're sick of him, horny bastard. He always does something to fulfill his hedonistic desires... So, if you picked up on why he's here... And if there was anything weird about him, tell me."


Lyle watches intently as the Pokemon bicker amongst themselves. Oj, how joyful. Yes, this was good. This was really good. But he could tell, if he pitted the drowned man and his dear Oroitz here... oh the debauchery! It would make the night all the sweeter... Deliciously sweeter, and that was making him all hot and bothered. Perhaps he would take one, no, both! No, he mustn't touch here. No, he needed to save that for the homunculus, once he found it. So, this edging foreplay was all he could do.

So, with a singular coin bet on Orange Wynaut, he let the wheel spin. The game was done, in his eyes. All the pieces were in place... and he watched as the wheel spun, and spun, and spun. The dealer would make him lose, and another win. They were onto him here, so he needed to play along. The one coin bet was more than enough to signal to the house he was going to comply. And he was right, as the wheel ended up on Purple Makuhita. Did he mention the coin had that space on it? Oh, no he didn't. The house did, though.

"Congratulations, Mister Oroitz!" Lyle booms, loud enough for the entire hall to hear. He gave a side glance at the other roulette table going on and waited and hoped. If his plan was to succeed... to the most optimal climax, Bedivere would need to pick the cursed piece. Break one man, butter the other. So, he clapped thrice.

"As the 'richest' man at the table now, would you like to treat us? What comes around, goes around as they say. I shared my luck with all of you, and I hope you can too. Perhaps, a shot of Fireball? Or, perhaps, something that would help you loosen up, you do quite look miserable yes," he continues to speak, subtly suggesting he's able to hear the entire conversation between the three. For, after all, he predated all of them and then some.

"Oh, right my lovelies, you both are looking quite famished," he states to his two associates. He then snaps, and a waiter comes over quickly.

"Please, give both of them your finest," he states to the waiter before motioning to both to order food. He then procures a simple, leatherbound book from his vest. "Right, please give this to my... son. He should be up on the balcony for now, and let him know I wish to speak with him once the night is over."

With a devilish grin, he looked at the roulette table with fervor. Yes, more. He needed more. One last breaking point was all he needed. For the flattery and fighting to begin. He poured a bottle of wine and began to sip. The fun was soon about to begin.


Star was concerned. Extremely concerned. Something was up here, and she felt something was off in the air. Perhaps it was just the myriad spirits she was consuming, but she knew drama was stirring. Even more so than the drama at the table. This cordiality was soon about to break, and then she heard a booming guffaw and congratulations from the roulette table.

"Lady Estelle, is something the matter?" she heard Clair ask her, and the woman shook her head. No, this was just her past feelings coming to light. Even if her gut feeling tended to be right, she was too inebriated to properly think or consent to things at this point. She haphazardly reached out towards Red 9, determined to finish.

Clair, on the other hand, grabbed Black 20 before looking at the other Meowstic. She could tell her trainer was feeling unwell, but she was also a woman of her word. So, the duo would stay until they were finished.

"From what I have seen, there are quite a few eccentrics in this kind of world. I feel no ill intentions from him. There are a few here, but this is a casino. Unless someone was here to hurt my lady, it would be best to ignore them. For now, let us finish this game

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