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Come to me, Miss Sleepless. In the swampland, I seek you.

Ever the polite guest and respectful friend, Bedivere maintains his trademark smile and rapt attention throughout Keith and Willa's response, yet the tension rising in the gentleman's demeanor was becoming more and more visible with each moment of the couple's assertions that they were indeed the same Keith and Willa of the past, just ten years displaced. His hands visibly begin to shake so horribly that he clenches his fists in a failed attempt to calm them, as his teeth visibly grind beneath the grin. The color begins to fade from his cheeks, his corpselike attributes becoming more pronounced, as his twinkling eyes seem to sink into a dark depth - blue, bottomless oceans. The mysteriously visceral reaction Bedivere displays seems calmed somewhat by Keith's admission that there was no way of knowing the exact truth of the matter, and either theory could potentially be correct. In fact, a slight, gurgling sigh of relief emits forth from Bedivere's water-logged lungs the moment Keith allows for either interpretation.

The couple takes their next pick of sushi, and while Keith's 2 Black may appear like a small maki roll, it is actually carefully-crafted marzipan! This sweet surprise is paired with a sunrise mocktail, made of orange juice and grenadine. Willa's 15 Red has some trickery afoot, as well - though her roll appears to be tuna nigiri, the "fish" is actually a slice of roasted red bell pepper, marinated and seasoned to appear like seafood. Fortunately for Willa, this pepper is not a particularly hot one, and the roll is paired with a mildly spicy Virgin Mary mocktail.

In an attempt to further calm his nerves - or else, distract his inner demons with the glorious pain of misfortune - Bedivere reaches for 35 Black, a gunkan roll with a surprisingly generous dollop of Ossetra caviar, served simply on a bed of fine sushi rice. The gentleman's eyes nearly roll in the back of his head with delight at the exquisite flavor of the caviar, paired perfectly with a sparkling Nebbiolo - clearly, a favorite of the eerie young man.

"Keith, my friend..." Bedivere pauses, choosing his words carefully. "If it is all the same to you, I really must insist that we abide by my interpretation of the subject at hand. In truth..." Bedivere's eyes momentarily flicker down to his side, as he reaches into his pocket, gingerly pulling out a hand-sewn handkerchief with the letter "B" stylized in seafoam-green thread. The seashell-white fabric is splashed with dark stains - red wine, perhaps? "I made an important promise long ago, to someone I cared for deeper than any ocean, that if you were ever to love another, I -" he stops, taking a deep breath. "I - well. It is a promise I very much doubt you would wish for me to keep, and though the one to whom I bound this oath has been... unreachable for a number of years... Once sworn, my oaths are unbreakable. So, please," Bedivere leans forward slightly, his eyes wild with dark intensity, "allow me use of this technicality to convince myself that you are not the one for whom I must carry out this grim vow."

Bedivere takes the handkerchief and carefully dabs the sides of his lips before gingerly returning it to his pocket. The momentary wave of madness seems to pass from his expression, and Bedivere's grin returns to its full strength. "Besides, I would much rather share the abundance of happy news I have regarding the Ladies Marion and Nimiane, should you wish to hear it. On occasions such as these, we should speak of that which brings joy, should we not?"

Meanwhile, Meowth takes a gamble on 23 Red - a classic spicy salmon roll with masago sauce, paired with a cool, refreshing cucumber-lime soda. The spice is certainly not unbearable, with no ghost pepper to be tasted. Meowstic's roll, 33 Black, is decidedly more rare - and more dangerous. Perhaps she should not tell Hebenon about her experience trying authentic fugu. The tingle of the poison dances across her lips, a unique delight which only few have sampled, for the technique to prepare the fish with just the right amount of venom is delicate, indeed. This delectable delight is paired with house-made passion fruit seltzer. Though Leith does not participate in the roulette festivities, she polishes off her plate of fruit just in time to receive introductions from Meowth. The Shadow Sandygast nods in response to the Pokémon's identification of exactly which Meowstic was his girlfriend, though her red eyes do not shift from the Meowth for even a moment. Perhaps a bit unnerving, though her expression reveals more curiosity than anything else.

Bedivere has named me Leith, the ghostly sandcastle answers matter-of-factly. That accent you have. Whence did it come? I know no others who speak the human tongue in the way you do.

Finally, Star and Clair test their fortunes with their choice of pieces. Star's 8 Black is a classic sweet potato tempura roll, with a light drizzle of teriyaki and no nasty surprises. The roll is paired with a rich, buttery Chardonnay. As for Clair's 19 Red, she is also treated to a tempura roll, though this one is filled with shrimp... and, again, no nasty surprise. Her roll is paired with a dry Riesling.

With only 15 rolls remaining, the likelihood of the spicy surprise revealing itself seems all but assured within the next two rounds... Unless the seven diners participating are fortunate enough to leave it as the last piece.


Oroitz is clearly annoyed by his loss, much as he tries to appear nonchalant. Becky, however, seems truly unphased, once again placing her bet on Blue Azurill. As far as she was concerned, the odds were the same now as they ever were, so she may as well go with the same bet. No sense in changing it. Oroitz, meanwhile, scrambles to place his bet on Purple Makuhita, as if lightning will somehow strike twice. Becky rolls her eyes slightly, but what did she care? It wasn't her money... Hell, it wasn't even his. If he wanted to chase someone else's victory, that wasn't her Arceus-damned problem.

Taking an overconfident sip of his whiskey - and nearly choking on it - Oroitz straightens himself out, his attempt at a self-assured posture coming off as rigid and pompous. He offers a polite nod and smile to Lyle, but Becky beats him to the punch, in an English that is parrot-like and stilted, yet still maintaining the bird's melodic tone.

"Rebecca! Hi!" She responds, waving a wing to Lyle in greeting. Then she tilts her head in Oroitz's direction and sings "Ooo-rooo-iiitz" very carefully. The darkly-clad gentleman is so genuinely shocked by Becky's talent that his thoughts are momentarily derailed from the name of their new acquaintance, which he knew he heard but moments ago, uttered by William with disdain...

"You speak the human tongue, Becky?" Oroitz exclaims, to Becky's lilting laughter.

"Silly bird! Silly bird!" Rebecca chides Oroitz, with a sing-song chortle, before adding a quick bit of Oricorio. If you can, I can, Ritzy-boy.

"Please don't call me that," Oroitz growls, which only encourages the fire type.

"Riiit-zyyyyyyy" she coos, delighting in the transformed Honchkrow's grumbling grunts of discontent.

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