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Litwick I know that dress is karma, perfume regret

Star could feel like a fatal mistake was just made. That this place would soon turn towards hell, and a nice gala becomes the next scandal. She hoped that this wouldn't be the case, well, not that the chance wasn't high. When people's lives were in the spotlight, they cracked and breaked. Every little thing was found out and picked apart, and their laundry left to feed the masses.

So, she let the mess continue to unfold in front of her. She knew it best to not interfere now, and would just quietly enjoy the sushi as it would happen. The woman, waiting politely as the Masters family grabbed theirs, then grabbed the one at 8 Black

Clair, however, found herself confused. How could a Pokemon not have a name? Sure, they were that kind of Pokemon, but it felt... degrading to be called by their species name. Though, this was a formal occasion. She needed to act her best for her lady. If not, she wouldn't stay her tongue and speak her mind.

"Indeed, and thank you, fair lady. How have the both of you enjoyed the gala so far?" she responds to the ribboned Meowstic with a curtsy. "The sushi is absolutely terrific, though there is a catch. Luckily, none of us have hit it... yet." The cat then warned before looking towards Bedivere. Something was up. Yet, to not be rude, the Meowstic grabbed Red 19

"Welcome to the table, the both of you," Lyle welcome Becky and Oroitz as they reached the table, not caring the TV Couple had left. Both Pokemon, one in human guise. Ah, yes, the night mother. A lively character, perhaps he should hit her up one of these days. It would be divine.

"As for this round, I'll choose to abstain myself," he stated as he watched the waiter returned with the wine. A vintage, Parfum Rouge 1648. Ah, this won't be as good as something from the before times, but he'll partake in a Kalosian brew.

Taking a wine glass, he took a sip as he watched the wheel spin. Round and round we go... for the house the win. Purple Makuhita. He chuckled, knowing he would've lost the round no matter how he bet. He could feel the dealer's gaze on him, and he gave a charming smile back. His little hints were starting to get picked up, but he was allowed to stay. Good, he could continue his little charade.

"Now, Sir, it is a pleasure to meet you," he told Oroitz. "My name is Lyle, Lyle Du Pont. You and yours names?"

Stoke his ego, bring him up, and then set him loose. He gave a side glance to the game of chance taking place at one of the tables. Looks like he didn't have to rile up the other one of his prey. Get them fighting, slip the cue, and partake in the hedonism to follow.


William looked at the man, a bit surprised at the request. Like he was a snitch. Though the way he reacted to the lighter was odd, and he looked at it himself. A pure white one, nothing more, nothing less. Taking the cig, he lit it before putting the device away.

"Thanks," he muttered as he took a draft.

Smoke meant nothing to his body, for he was a living flame. Feed the flames, and the fire would grow stronger in a flash. So something like smoke? It meant nothing to a dead kid. A kid, who this man thought, was entirely alive. A half truth, perhaps, but this was no true reincarnation. Once he was free, and Theo was free, he'd be able to rest finally.

How he craved that oblivion, his soul yearned for it. This unlife, unending and uneasy, was something he hated. Who wanted to live forever? Not him, no. He was given his chance and get gave it up. He sacrificed himself to try and desperately save the person he loved. And this smoke? All it did was remind him of that night... as the smoke filled his lungs. That sort of high... as he burned alive... he would never have it again.

The Lampent blew a cloud of smoke over the railing, and just watched the night sky. He still hadn't responded to the other questions, but he needed this quickie. Not like he could get into the event. He wasn't 'old enough' which was stupid. No matter, from what he felt, it was most likely best he didn't meet the check.

"Kept out," he chuckled. "Too young, they said. Well, it matters not. Why are you out here, flashy man?" he turned to Goto with a toothy grin, yellow eyes flickering like a flame.

If I had to leave to disappear and leave this world behind, no matter-
All I'd need is your smile
And I wouldn't even mind

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