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Promises, promises. Check this hand, 'cause I'm marvelous.

Becky's mind swims with desire at Lyle's dulcet intonation of nice, dark and robust red... The taste of a fine Tannat or Sagrantino plays across her tongue's imagination, as she practically floats over to the roulette table, dancing to her own internal rhythm.

A waiter soon approaches with a glass of the promised wine, along with a sachet of coins, both of which the Oricorio-B snatches up with a flourish. With a sip of the wine from one wing and a flick of the other, the purse is gracefully tossed in front of her, claiming her seat at the roulette table. With a wink in Lyle's direction and a cheerful lift of her glass to indicate her thanks, she then turns to Lavender.

Hey, Sweets... she coos, in a melodic voice. Cute little goth getup you have there. Play here often?

If the bird was intimidated by Lavender, she did not show it - either the sign of an iron will or an impeccable poker face, though it's difficult to tell exactly which. As she strikes up conversation, she places her bet on Blue Azurill. No real rhyme or reason for it, but the bet had to go somewhere, anyhow... Besides, what did she care if she won or lost? Wasn't her money, now, was it?


Meanwhile, Oroitz enters the Casino lobby alongside William, seeming relieved both at the Lampent's recovery and the fact that he no longer has to carry him. Wiping sweat from his brow with his sleeve, he takes a moment to catch his breath. Between the intense heat and considerable exercise, the crow in human form could certainly use a rest, and something cold to drink... He takes a step back, motioning for William to go ahead of him. The exchange that follows inspires no small measure of disgust in Oroitz's expression, but he decides not to risk losing his cool at the pair of Indeedee for their insistence on refusing William entry. Instead, he lets his gaze wander past the psychic-types into the room, his eyes immediately picking out Becky's red plumage in the crowd. The Male Indeedee notices this, and makes a motion to Oroitz with a polite grin.

Ah, yes... Miss Rebecca specifically requested that we guide you to her upon your arrival, the Indeedee remarks, taking the invitation Oroitz rather absent-mindedly provides while distracted by William's sudden, stumbling departure.

"Hmph. Take care of yourself," Oroitz offers by way of goodbye to William, unable to mask the concern in his posture and tone. For the briefest of moments, he considers following William, but it was probably better for the pair to split up at this juncture to avoid suspicion - and besides, the horndog crow had his priorities. Mustering his best self-assured swagger, he makes his way toward the roulette table, his expression souring with every step.

Oroitz was not a fan of wine. He avoided gambling. He rather despised crowds, he detested small talk... and, of course, he wanted absolutely nothing to do with any of the Pokémon of Sludge Wave Coast. Yet here was Becky, engaging in all of these things that Oroitz very much did not like. At least the chap at the front of the table seemed nice enough - and what a charming pinstripe suit! Oroitz did like pinstripe suits.

Taking the spot beside Becky, he gives her a cordial bow, which only causes the bird to roll her eyes. To her further annoyance, the darkly-garbed man gruffly refuses both the wine and his own satchel of coins that an approaching waiter offers him, requesting a glass of ice-cold water and a shot of whiskey instead. As the waiter turns around, Becky reaches to grab the bag of coins, throwing it rather unceremoniously in front of Oroitz with a smirk.

Don't sit here if you're not going to place a bet, the Oricorio-B chirps. It's rude.

"What? No room for spectators?" Oroitz crosses his arms. "I should say that watching the proceedings is its own form of entertainment, is it not?"

Well, I'll be far more entertained if you don't just sit there like an angry lump, Becky counters. Sit there like an angry lump who's going to put some coins on the table.

With a snort and a few words mumbled under his breath, Oroitz shrugs his shoulders and places a bet on Green Azurill.
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