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“Ah. That’s correct,” Goto softly affirms as he slants against his chair. The lights in his eyes shimmer briefly in recognition, flitting quickly between the two couples he had met on the floor so far. Keith and Willa... he’d seen them during the raid, and having learned that the Masterses are friends with this pair--it all falls into place, just like a ball settling into its fated pocket.

“It’s safe to assume both of you were there on behalf of Channel 110 to cover the incident, then? I can’t imagine there were many volunteers for such a dangerous scoop,” he remarks. On the surface, the tailor appears amused by this coincidence by the way he covers his mouth and stifles a chuckle, but what he’s really hiding is a sting to his pride.

If these two recognize him, then they must have gotten some shots of his involvement in the battle. In that case, this might present a problem, but neither of them seem like glory-hound reporters; if anything, there’s a strong likelihood that the betrothed couple went to Saccharine Sweets Gym in order to back up their friends in case something went awry. As long as no-one looks too closely at the footage, he should be safe.

“Really, I’m surprised you even noticed us. Truly, we were more observers than combatants,” Goto says. Slender fingers tap on the table, snagging Mercury’s attention away from the game. The two exchange a knowing, almost awkward glance as they recall the... peculiar course of that fight.

He shakes his head wryly, and gazes out upon the labyrinthine casino floor, “the others put in a far more impressive effort driving back that monster. I’m just a humble tailor who was struggling to mend their wounds.”

“Even so, I don’t regret going. I hadn’t imagined that such powerful and striking beings could come from worlds beyond our own, but now that I’ve seen it for myself... well, extraordinary experiences make for quite the muse, and so does the extraterrestrial,” the man laughs dryly.

His attention turns from the sushi roulette at the other table, and back to the real deal before him. Amber eyes lock onto Lyle once more, and his lips curl in renewed interest, “so, Mr. du Pont. Forgive me for prying, but seeing as we’re talking careers, I’m interested in knowing what you do for a living. You clearly seem to know your way around a gala like this, after all.”

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