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Si viene el Agua y me Moja / Y es que Tu Amor me Duele...

Bedivere seems quite pleased that both ladies enjoyed their first tastes, and that they were both willing to give the culinary roulette wheel another spin. Star even reaches for the pairing meant for her Squid Ink sushi - a small glass of verdicchio with a bright, slightly acidic peach-lemon flavor.

"Ah, full glad am I to hear that you were both satisfied with your choices!" Bedivere chuckles. "I, too, very much enjoyed my first bite - mackerel is a bit of an acquired taste, or so I'm told, but one I'm quite fond of. I do hope your next rolls are just as delightful - if not moreso!"

Though the maki roll placed on 13 Black looks beautiful with its drizzle of dark sauce and deep, black rice, as Star bites down, she realizes that she doesn't recognize the meat inside, whatever it is. Something about it tastes... vaguely like pork? The sauce is rich, meaty and thickened with cooked blood - but it's near impossible to tell what animal it came from. There is no nasty ghost pepper surprise in this one, at least... This bit of mystery meat sushi is paired with Death in the Afternoon, a cocktail blending high-quality champagne with absinthe. It's delicious, of course - as all of the offerings have been - but perhaps it could do with some explanation from the chef.

Clair's pick, 21 Red, is a rather simple offering in comparison to other rolls - the classic tuna nigiri. Of course, this particular roll is made with high-quality otoro, making it a particularly refined and delectable treat... and with no unwelcome spicy surprises! This sushi is paired with a crisp-tasting koshu wine.

Finally, Bedivere tries his luck on 30 Red. What appears to be salmon roe turns out to be a sweet surprise, as Bedivere learns that the fish eggs are actually strawberry-orange boba atop a bed of sweet rice and wrapped with a thin slice of mango tinged with a bit of dark green dye to serve as the "seaweed". This is paired with a glass that appears to be red wine at a glance, but is simply grape juice. Despite the bit of trickery, Bedivere seems pleased by it nonetheless - and again, the only surprise is the sweetness.

It is around this time that Sir Bedivere catches sight of a familiar man out of the corner of his eye - Bedivere had to admire how sharply dressed Sir Keith had come to this occasion, and made a mental note to tell him so. Upon realizing he did not arrive alone, a brief look of what could only be described as desperate hope flashes in his eyes as he turns his gaze toward the man's dining companion, only for those hopes to be dashed like a doomed ship against the rocks. Even so, he searches the woman's face for a few moments longer than he should - looking for something, anything that resembles the person he hopes her to be - but eventually, he must resign himself to the truth... and he forces a smile.

Turning away from the table, he takes a deep breath. "My sincere apologies to you both, I... I thought I saw a couple I once knew," he remarks, his voice shaky. "I was only half right..."
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