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Originally Posted by Lil'twick View Post
Lyle watched as more and more people came to the roulette table. Good, something that he would enjoy. Seeing them all scramble to raise the odds, raise the stakes as a prayer to lady luck. The first group, a man dressed as a Basara and his Clefairy, placed a rather bold bet on the purple spaces. Next was the couple who came in before him, who politely introduced themselves before talking amongst themselves. They then decided to do a more precise bet, on the purple Wynaut.

"Pleasure to meet you, Diana, Marv," he politely replied with a warm grim. Furrowing his brow, he looked at the outrageously dressed man.

"It is rather rude, to barge in and not introduce yourself. Anyways, you may call me Lyle. Lyle du Pont, at your service," he flashes a grin before looking at the table before him.

With the bets in place, he had to carefully look forward to the results. Manipulation of the game, well that was out of the question. How could he coerce the worst in people if they suspected cheating? No, he would play honestly here... and slowly watch as they slipped. The boisterous man, especially, was absolutely dripping in guilt.

"I will place my bets on Orange Skitty," he states with cool confidence. If he was to keep up appearances, he needed to be himself. He could feel some not being trusting of him, but that soon would change.

With the bets placed, the game master spins the wheel. The ball soon drops, and the table watches with excitement as the wheel rolls and rolls. Lyle sipped at his champagne, knowing that this would be the first of many spins. Spinning around and around, until the ball stops in a slot. Green Skitty.

"Looks like I was close, but a color off," he gives off a small chuckle. The people sitting next to him, a young lad and a dashing lady, both reassure him.

"Now now dears, we'll do better next time," he tells the both of them with a wink.

Meanwhile, he watched as a medium-aged businessman collects his winnings, the only one to go in on the green Skitty. Most of the people followed the bold claims from before, and better on purple. The idea of a dawn stone, indeed, was well worth it. Yet, this place dealt in coins, not items.

"Let's go in with the Green Azurill this time, call it a hunch."

They say there’s a story behind every rule, and the Casino’s policies are no exception. Mercury’s daring bet certainly turns heads, but that also happens to include some of the casino staff, who quickly scramble to course-correct before the Sharpedos’ in the water start to smell blood; Goto’s Dawn Stone is only on the table for a moment before its snatched up by the dealer and replaced with a big pile of chips and coins.

Not that it makes the tailor any less displeased with his insubordinate Pokemon. The man wears a scowl most unbefitting of his dazzling dress as he watches a portion of his unwanted fortune be shoveled away, proverbially lining the pockets of an unassuming competitor. It seems the trickster has fallen victim to his own pupil, and if he wants his precious stone back, he’ll at least need to break even...

“Et tu, Mercurius?” he ruefully asks his Pokemon. Mercury glances up from his throne of gold, smirking willfully. While he’s no Pokemon whisperer, they've been companions long enough that he knows precisely the intent hiding behind those shimmering eyes.

“You’re going to have fun with or without me, is that right?”

Mercury nods, his fairy wings fluttering with glee as he grabs a coin and tosses it toward his Trainer. He snatches it out of the air, and unfurls his hand to inspect it. An image of the palace’s namesake takes up the face side, while the proxy value of the coin is embossed on the obverse: Two hundred; A completely arbitrary number, seeing as these chips are non-redeemable, and yet some trick of the mind makes it feel like a heavier coin to handle than the stack of fifties Clefairy keeps by his side.

Goto flips the coin across his fingers deftly, and glances sternly at the Fairy-type, reminding him to keep his guard up. That look is soon replaced by one of forfeit, however, as he pulls out a chair and finally sits down. His amber eyes lock with the unsettling man, and there’s an immediate, wordless understanding that the person Lyle’s betting against is no novice.

“I apologize for not introducing myself sooner—I’m Giuseppe Goto, but simply Goto will suffice,” he says, offering his spindly hand out to Lyle. The crimson tassel hanging from his ear swings like a pendulum as he tilts his head toward Clefairy, who happily fills the spaces on the legend with coins.

“And this is Mercury, my partner. It appears he wants to place 50 on Orange, and as for me...” the man delicately leans in to tap his coin against the table, “200 on Orange Makuhita.”

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