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Allison was on a roll. Had she not been stopped, she would have started going into the absurdly specific specifics of what made an officially sanctioned Rhyhorn racetrack worthy of being so, and almost certainly would have had further subject matter to delve into if allowed to, but Maribel was able to catch her attention before it got that far. Apologizing sheepishly, Allison explained, somewhat needlessly, that she really liked racing, though Maribel didn't seem bothered- the interruption on her part had been more out of necessity than anything else, she could tell that this was something Allison was passionate about. But getting back to the race itself. Maribel had decided on the track, but the decision as to the ruleset was left up to Allison, a decision she gave all due consideration- official rules did appeal to her, she was hoping to have something like an official race someday, but a more unconventional ruleset would give her more possibilities for showing off what she could do- this was, after all, what she was hoping to be her big break.

It was decided, then, that they'd go with a ruleset that veered more in the direction of street rules. Hard contact was allowed. Usage of moves, fair game. Other forms of support, no problem. Only real stipulation was no intentional injury, and Maribel was fine with that. Additionally, given the relative shortness of the chosen track, Allison suggested the race be two laps. While she waited for an answer, Allison found herself being lifted back up onto her Rhyhorn's back, albeit more gently this time.

Not that she had to wait too terribly long for an answer, that is to say- Maribel smiled, the proposed rules and lap quantity being perfectly fine with her. "Sounds good to me," she said. The idea was reminding her of the story her dad told her about when Celebi sent him back in time to ancient Cortoza- specifically the Ponyta race he'd taken part in with the Ponyta he would later catch, where the usage of attacks was completely fair game. This race was certainly sounding as though it could be just as exciting, just as much fun, and Maribel for one was looking forward to it.

"Ooh, this is exciting!" smiled Trevenant. "I can watch the race, right, Maribel?" he asked.

"Of course, Trevenant," confirmed Maribel. "First, though, I should fill in Bouffalant about what we're doing," she added, before throwing the Luxury Ball into the air. "Come out- Bouffalant!" she exclaimed. The Bash Buffalo Pokémon emerged in a flash of light, though glanced around at his surroundings before daring to charge, and thankfully restrained himself once he registered his not-so-open surroundings. "Bouffalant, you and I are gonna race against Allison and her Rhyhorn here," explained Maribel. "We're probably gonna be heading for the racetrack now. Are you ready for this?" At this, Bouffalant gave an affirmative bellow, sounding quite excited at the prospect. Grinning at this, Maribel turned back to Allison. "Lead the way," she said.

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