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Round something: The return of the Fax

After what seems like an age, the battle continues as Duff prepares to bombard a waiting Lapsang. Sharpened stones are sent forth but Lapsang puts her powerful legs to work, bouncing up into the air and easily clearing the attack. Using the momentum he lands near the Cradily, a devious look in his eyes. Focusing he begins to build energy around his right hand, Duff attempts to distance himself but both his anatomy, his tired state and the fact that he is currently ingrained make this a futile attempt. Before long the Combusken has generated enough power to put fear into even the mightiest of hearts and he lunges forward to deal the devastating strike. A resounding crack is heard as the Combusken crunches his fist into Cradily's body, Duff cries out in complete agony. Even after the balancing of toxic and ingrain, Duff doesn't look great, that hit really left him hurting.

Duff flew into the final third, still a bit off of critical but enjoyed his break. Lapsang avoided damage, good for two.

Fairfax to order

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