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Originally Posted by Tyoyo3131 View Post
The Mints: The Mints are the names for the small islands to the east of the main, fish shaped island. They are a wild and generally unkempt land, home to deep and complex jungles that few have entered (mostly because there’s little known reason to travel there). It is known that some people who disagreed with the past leadership of the Minnao once moved to these islands, but any other claims of rare Pokemon or ancient curses are currently unproven. Anyone looking to travel into the land is recommended to have a guide from either the Minnao or settlers familiar with the lands. Please respond in mediumspringgreen. This area is intended for Normal adventures.

"The Mints, huh?" Tate mused, as they disembarked the small motorboat the trainer had hired to lift them to the islet chain. Kai stretched, stiff from the ride, and yawned. She began lazily sniffing around the beach as her trainer consulted a map, trying to figure out exactly where they were. It was advised that they have a guide if they visited the Mints, but Tate was having none of it; so little of the world was left unexplored, and this was a golden opportunity to truly discover something new. With the help of a compass, Tate was eventually fairly certain of roughly where they had landed -- though who was to say if this 'certainty' was accurate -- and stashed the map away in one pocket of the bright salmon cargo shorts which were characteristic of the flamboyant 20-something. Adjusting the weight of the overstuffed backpack which was a constant burden, Tate whistled for the lazily wandering Vaporeon.

"So we have twelve hours until the boat returns," the trainer relayed, when Kai was present and attentive. "Let's see what we can find in that time, yeah? And let's try not to miss our ride back to the big island."

Kai glanced at the forest line at the edge of the beach, perhaps a bit warily, and snorted. She wasn't keen on trekking through the jungle, but it wasn't as though she had the choice; she was stuck with Tate's mercurial whims, for better or worse. Besides, if she didn't keep an eye on the trainer, who knew what would happen! Celebi knew Tate was a magnet for trouble.


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