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Originally Posted by Tyoyo3131 View Post
Orta Lake: In the middle of the island, Orta Lake lives as a natural freshwater habitat and is one of the most popular fishing spots on the island. Fishing operations here are led by Jack and Maie Ruddson, in addition to healthy fishing habits. They operate a small fishing shack near the lake with their son, Mason. Any of the three are more than willing to show anyone, Minnao or traveler, the ropes of fishing. Please respond in fuchsia. This area is intended for Quick adventures.
Liawe arrived at the lake, out of breath from attempting to keep up with Caeda, who'd been soaring and enjoying the air ever since they arrived on Minnao Isles. The steel bird swooped down and landed next to her redheaded trainer, who'd since sat down to catch her breath and rest her legs for a second, while she took in the local sights. A fishing lake, large and hopefully populated, be it with food or Pokemon. Caeda was a hunter, she didn't care. As Liawe got back to her feet, she let Kaitlyn out to experience the scenery, the young Petilil bewildered by the sudden change of scenery before gleefully dashing to the lake for a drink, followed by another dash to look at some pretty flowers nearby. "Calm down Kait, come back over here. Last thing we need is you falling in the lake and me having to have Caeda pull you out." The threat of being carried by the Skarmory was enough to pull the diminutive Grass type back to her trainer's side. "Better. Now, let's find some place to sit, have a snack and start drawing. You both hungry?"

The question elicited an array of reactions. Cheerful chirps from Caeda, who flew up and perched on Liawe's armguard, and a happy little humming from Kaitlyn, who bounced into Liawe's other arm as she crouched to collect the small one. Mostly though, there was an irritated screeching as Hope popped out of her Pokeball and floated ahead of Liawe, clearly miffed at being forgotten. "Sorry, you three hungry? Because there's enough food for four in the pack." Liawe's selfcorrection placated the Shuppet, who grinned before poking her tongue out at Liawe and floated by her side.
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