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Originally Posted by Tyoyo3131 View Post
Orta Lake: In the middle of the island, Orta Lake lives as a natural freshwater habitat and is one of the most popular fishing spots on the island. Fishing operations here are led by Jack and Maie Ruddson, in addition to healthy fishing habits. They operate a small fishing shack near the lake with their son, Mason. Any of the three are more than willing to show anyone, Minnao or traveler, the ropes of fishing. Please respond in fuchsia. This area is intended for Quick adventures.
The region of Fizzytopia was truly a vast one. Even veteran Trainers who have spent the better part of their training careers exploring Fizzytopia were still perfectly capable of finding brand-new places to explore. Case in point, Keith Masters had just gone ashore on the main island of the Minnao Archipelago, a place that until very recently, he'd never even heard of. A Pokémon Trainer of considerable experience, one who has had success in the past in bringing out the fullest potential of his Pokémon. As if to drive home the point about his capabilities as a Trainer, two shiny gems he wore on his person gleamed in the sunlight- the Key Stone set into his trademark cowboy hat, making the Mega Hat an even more invaluable part of Keith's wardrobe than he already considered it prior to this addition, and the Poisonium Z set into the Z-Ring he wore on his left wrist.

Something one generally didn't see with Keith, however, was what he had in his hand- a Fishing Rod, a new one, never before used. He'd have slung it over a shoulder, except both shoulders were already occupied. The right shoulder was occupied by a Meowth. A Normal Form Meowth like any other... until he opened his mouth and spoke up, that is. Keith's Meowth was able to talk, a fact that tended to surprise those unfamiliar with the Poison-type Trainer. And speaking of the Poison type, the other shoulder was occupied by an equally extraordinary Pokémon, except this one's extraordinary qualities were much more visible. Mareanie, after all, weren't usually such vibrant shades of pink, nor did they tend to sparkle with swirling blue stars when sent out of their ball or entering battle, and yet, both of these things held undeniably true for Aster. The Shiny Mareanie glanced around at her surroundings from behind her tentacles, which served to partially hide her face rather like long bangs would hide a young girl's face. She regarded the unfamiliar surroundings with a kind of mixture of nervousness and excitement, only not shying away from the experience altogether because she was in such close proximity to Keith. That, and she needed only look at him to get a reassuring smile in response

"Alright, so, wat's we doin' here anyways?" Meowth asked Keith. "I asked youse fifty times aboard da Banette's Revenge and ya ain't responded once."

"Yeah, well, navigating one's way to an island chain I've never sailed to in my life, that'll have that effect," Keith responded. "Now that we're on dry land and I'm not currently trying to steer a large wooden ship into unfamiliar waters, I'll answer your question- we're going fishing!" he declared.

"...Aaaaand obvious question gets obvious answer," Meowth sighed as he facepalmed (facepawed?), for he hadn't pieced together the very obvious answer when he ought to have- namely, as soon as Keith had produced said Fishing Rod from his backpack. He supposed he was more preoccupied with getting Keith to actually answer him. But that aside, Meowth now had a follow-up question, one with not such an obvious answer, at least not as far as he could see. "So... does youse actually know how ta fish?" Meowth asked.

"Nope," Keith shook his head. "Which brings me to why we're here specifically- word is that a family runs a fishing shack out by Orta Lake, and that they're happy to teach the basics to any fishing noob who comes their way, native or otherwise. Sounds perfect for me."

"...Youse did not seriously just say 'noob'," groaned Meowth, though he raised no objections to the overall plan of action, and so Keith progressed onwards, hoping to add fishing to the list of skills he possessed before long.

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