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Originally Posted by Connor View Post
TheKnightsFury: The burly fisherman looks down at you as you gesture towards Jormungand, the Magikarp looking back with wide yet focused eyes, a flickering determination hanging within the body of the weak beast. He seemed uninterested by the rest of your speech, the big man edging past you to walk towards the water. Bending his frame down, he still towers high, his true stature becoming evident. His hand subconsciously scratched at his beard as he scrutinises Jormungand, gingerly running his hands over the scales of the Magikarp. Suddenly standing up, he turns back towards you, a gleam now present in his eyes and a wide grin spreading across his face.

"It's a mighty fine specimen you got here, lad. A tough little scamp, no doubt about it. You say you want ideas for some training, eh? I might have something that could help you out. We can head out onto the lake, if you like. A small word of warning though, Magikarp who evolve too early can be ... unruly. The change is exactly that - and it's drastic."

The man touches a scar on his right arm which you had only just noticed in an absentminded manner, his thoughts seemingly drifting elsewhere for a brief moment before he brings himself back to the present.

"Anyway, a fishing lesson too, eh, laddie? Not asking much, are ya?"

His jovial nature returned in kind, a bellowing warm laugh accompanying his question. Before you can respond in any manner, he walks forwards, clapping you on the back rather forcefully.

"Must admit I like that about a fella though. Names Jackson. Pleased to meet you."
"Thanks Jackson, I know Jormungand is going to evolve into a mighty Gyarados, although I must admit that your warning stirred a little bit of fear within me." Jayson wasn't lying, the idea of Jormungand evolving from a friendly, fun-loving Magikarp into an enraged Gyarados was an issue. Hopefully their bond would develop enough during this training and that would help when it was time to control the Gyarados.

"So how are we getting out onto the lake Jackson? I would assume you have a boat because I doubt I would be able to ride Jormungand out there, at least not yet!"

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