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Originally Posted by Tyoyo3131 View Post
Cordina’s Peak: Named after a famous priestess, Cordina’s Peak is the religious center of the Minnao people. People from various tribes often travel here to make offerings to Manaphy for the health of their children, or to Kyogre for good weather. Here, the current head priest, Holai, attempts to heal the bonds between people and Pokemon on the island. While there isn’t much fishing opportunity here, with the only water truly available in the shallow pools of the Sea Altar, the locals are sure to need help with the daily goings on in the village. Please respond in deepskyblue. This area is intended for Normal adventures.
Jeri thought he would try that whole peaceful, relaxing trip thing again, this time, making an effort to avoid large crowds and icy caves. Another island adventure seemed like just the ticket, but this time, he would go somewhere properly tropical and properly isolated and ideally not in the throes of an annual festival. And while he wasn't particularly keen on attending any fętes, he decided he could use a little bit of (calmer) culture. Shortly after his arrival, though, he felt a bit unprepared.

"Augh!" he groaned, his shoes filling with water as he unwittingly stepped into the shallows surrounding the Sea Altar. He scrambled back, finding his sneakers to be entirely soaked.

Mumbling angrily to himself, he plopped on the ground and ripped his shoes off. He reached for a Poké Ball, tossing it out to reveal a little humpbacked dromedary, who gave a little sigh once revealed to the world.

"Here, do me a favor, Helen," Jeri said, slapping the wet socks on her back, "Dry these out, please."

The Numel brayed, her little hump glowing as heat radiated through her body. Jeri let them sit for a minute before gingerly flipping them like fillets on a grill. After a few moments, they were bone dry. Next were the shoes, though these didn't quite work as well as the socks would. Jeri wasn't exactly sure how to dry them without Helen inadvertently setting them ablaze. He decided that she could just carry them for now, tying the laces together and draping them over her back.

"Why don't we go see if we can find someone who might lend me some shoes, huh?" Jeri proposes as he got back to his feet, wincing a little as a pebble dug into his sole.

The Numel didn't make any clear response, though she did cock her head to the side a few moments after the fact, perhaps in acknowledgement.

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