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Originally Posted by Connor View Post
Brave Saix: After the brief kerfuffle on the beach, you find yourself standing before the bulletin board with Jill hovering at your shoulder. Scanning over the posted jobs, most of them seemed to be pretty mundane and uninteresting - take readings here, pick this up for me, make sure this gets delivered. They were all simple jobs with simple pay, but two in particular abruptly stood out to you as a little more than that.

Both jobs involved some sort of travel, and both seemed like they would reap fairly significant reward. Jill simply turns her eyes towards you, curious to see which you would choose - if any. There were, of course, other listings on the board if neither took your fancy.
Sypher and Jill looked over the listings and found two that seemed interesting.

"Study some of the supernatural goings-ons of the region or help out with a digsite? Considering the amount of island hoping we've been doing lately it would be nice to settle down for a few days. Plus I'd like to meet the natives. I hear they have an old connection to Manaphy." At the mention of Manaphy, Sypher shifted his gaze down to his Pokémon. Jill had fluttered down next to Julian both of which tilted their heads in confusion at the name. "Well I suppose it is a name worthy of expalaination."

He lead the group quickly over to the sand. Drawing the form of Manaphy as he spoke, he recounted what he was told years prior. "This was one of the legends I was told as my family was traveling in the Sinnoh and Hoenn regions.

`Once every decade or so, a special egg is born from the sea.
The egg, clear as the ocean harbors the nights stars and a heart of ruby,
will drift the current until it finds a kind soul to whom the Prince of the Sea is born.
Bearing the gift to connect hearts, Manaphy, is the one to maintain peace among the Pokémon who dwell in the sea.
This duty is ultimately his curse as Manaphy will be torn away from his parent.'

I've never quite liked the last line. I'd hate to think about your mothe forcing you to leave with them Jill." Sypher thought back to the day Jill's egg hatched as a trio of Noivern had come looking for their lost egg back in Kalos. A gentle smile came to his face as he rubbed the top of the fuzzy bat's head. Turning back to the board, he pull the second listing down and read over the remaining details of the job. "Well, we'll need to find a ride to the island mentioned on here."

Sypher recalled Julian as him and Jill proceeded to the closest port and searching for someone to provide them with the needed transportation.

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