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Originally Posted by Connor View Post
TheKnightsFury: Walking along the shore of the lake towards the small shack with Jormungand happily swimming alongside, you find yourself admiring the natural beauty of the area for a moment. The place was almost picturesque, lush verdant fields framing the still clear waters of the lake itself. The pleasant warmth of the sun overhead only managed to add to the serene sense of beauty, but you soon find yourself standing before the shack. Taking yourself out of your trance, and leaving Jormungand to splash in the waters of the lake edge, you walk up to the door of the shack, intending to knock at the wooden door ...

Only for it to swing wide open before your knuckles could meet the hardwood. Standing before you was a man who was large in every sense of the word. Tall and a little round, he wore what was an all too obvious fisherman's attire. A pair of vibrant green wading trousers hung slack from his shoulders, a wide brimmed reed hat perched on his head. Over on shoulder he had slung his fishing rod, and three Poke Balls nested on his belt. His brown hair was more obvious in his large beard that he wore, flecks of grey here and there betraying his age somewhat. The man just barely notices you standing there before leaving his shack, managing to stop himself from bowling into you with a deep, lively laugh.

"Nearly missed ye there laddie! What can I be doing for you eh? Looking for some o' the prime fishin' spots?"
Jayson certainly was startled as the door flung open, the burly fishman almost threatening to plant him on his backside. The sudden appearance spooked Atalanta, the Rowlet had launched herself off his shoulder in a flurry of feathers. Upon realizing the man posed no threat, she quickly returned to her spot on Jayson's shoulder, nuzzling into his neck for comfort. Also humoured by the fact that he nearly got flattened, Jayson thrusted out his right hand to greet the cheery fellow.

"Well met sir, my name is Jayson and this is my partner Atalanta", the Rowlet let out a little hoot as he introduced her. "I've been on the island for a few days now and must admit I have started getting a little bored. A local told me that this was a nice tranquil place known for fishing, so I figured I would give it a look."

Suddenly a splash of water splatters across the back of Jayson's legs. He turns to see Jormungand splashing wildly in the water, trying to gain the attention of his trainer.

"Oh right, that is my Magikarp, Jormungand. I am sure you are more than familiar with Magikarp and that was actually what I was hoping you could help me with. Have you got any idea on how they should be raised? I know they evolve into the powerful Pokemon Gyarados, I just don't know how I am meant to raise it when it can't really do anything....."

Jayson looked over at the Magikarp who was still flopping about like a clown. He didn't regret picking the Magikarp from the Adoption Center, he knew there was a diamond beneath all the rough, he just hadn't anticipated the amount of rough he would have to get through.

"I'm honestly willing to try anything. ANYTHING. Outside of that though, I wouldn't mind a fishing lesson from a professional such as yourself, I believe one should never turn down and opportunity to hone their skills."
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