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Both fighters gasping for air, they know this will be their final clash. A super-powered Magcargo versus a veiled Electivire, both the last remaining soldiers of an epic three-on-three encounter!

Jake knows that any hit from Heatstroke at this point might be catastrophic in his heightened-offense state, and decides to bank it all on Crix's speed. Indeed, when rushing at maximum speed, few Pokemon can keep up with the electric colossus, and the Electivire does just that - he bolts forward at a speed almost too fast for the human eye to track, and definitely quicker than Heatstroke can react! Crix rams the entirety of his body weight into the Magcargo from an unexpected angle after a last-minute sharp turn, and Heatstroke yells in pain!

But the earlier Shell Smash does more than simply make him stronger, and there's no way Crix an tap into a second Quick Attack fast enough before Heatstroke gets a say in. Just as the Electivire relaxes his leg muscles for a second time, preparing to bolt forward again with the same move, Keith's partner drives his head into the Electric-Type's gut and forcefully lifts him off the ground like a heavy boulder, and tosses him overhead! The Light Screen can't block the melee attack, and once Crix tumbles hard on his back, directly behind Heatstroke, it finally proves too much for him to withstand and he can't fight his way back up, succumbing to the accumulated injuries!

"Crix is unable to battle! With one Pokemon remaining, the winner of this three-on-three battle is Keith Masters from Lavaridge Town!"

Health: 18%
Energy: 43%
Stats: Atk +2; Sp.Atk +2; Spd+2; Def -1; Sp.Def -1

Health: 0%
Energy: 44%
Stats: Sp.Def +2
Light Screen


Heatstroke the Magcargo gains 2 levels and
Crix the Electivire gains 1 XP (deposit here)


This was really evenly matched! So sorry it took so longer, 3-on-3 is a whole different beast. Well done on making the Slugma line shine MM! And well done too ES, you responded to every round with some great choices - just a piece of advice, don't be afraid to use all three moves! You had plenty of energy left with Crix, and really, loss by energy usage is very rare with my calculations, so in future battles don't feel pressured into only ordering 2 moves per round! Congrats to both of you
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