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Floor 4: Battleground: Alex seemed relieved at the fact that his guest was Keith, as opposed to someone or something more threatening. He then listened as Keith explained why he'd come here in the first place, and chuckled in response, mentioning that even at half-price, the place still cost him over half a million coins. "Holy crap," Keith murmured. "Though I guess I can't say I'm surprised," he added.

After that, Alex added that the property seemed to come with a Golett, which he'd since added to his team. Apparently, if Kyle was interested in the history of the place, it was that Golett he ought to talk to. "Sound good to you, Kyle?" Keith asked. "Maybe after some training, since I want Hermione to get in some practice with her attacks, and you know she's gonna want to learn more about this place as well." As he said this, Keith pulled out his Pokédex and pressed some more buttons. The Ground Ball vanished off his belt and was quickly replaced with an ordinary Poké Ball.

"Mor, Heatmor,' Kyle nodded.

And speaking of training, once the subject turned to that, Alex explained that they did indeed have a training hall, just beyond the doors on either end of the room. He explained that his Aipom and Cubone were about to start sparring in there, though Keith's arrival changed things somewhat. "Well, I don't mind if they want to go first," Keith replied. "In fact, maybe they could spar against some of my Pokémon? I actually got here a Pokémon I recently caught," he added, plucking an Ice Ball off his belt, "and I'd love for him to get in some practice, along with my Weedle."

At that point, the Honchkrow spoke up, in perfect English, albeit punctuated with occasional cawing. Keith didn't seem especially surprised here- he was far from the first Pokémon Keith knew of that could speak the human language, the Meowth on his shoulder being just one of a number of examples he knew of, and that's just the ones on his team! But anyway, the Honchkrow suggested that Keith bring out his other Pokémon, so that they might rest after their voyage, mingle, explore the place, that sort of thing. "That sounds good to me," Keith agreed. With the Ice Ball still in hand, he took the other three balls off his belt- a Safari Ball, the Poké Ball he'd switched onto his team just a minute ago, and an Ultra Ball- and threw all four spheres into the air.

The balls split open simultaneously, emptying their contents into the room. From the Ice Ball materialized a Sneasel, his fur a chocolaty shade of brown and his feathers a pale, icy shade of blue; from the Poké Ball appeared a small Weedle, her tail stinger pitch-black, looking around at her surroundings with great curiosity; from the Safari Ball emerged a majestic Dragalge, standing up on his ragged fins, smiling as he recognized the inhabitants of this otherwise unfamiliar place; and from the Ultra Ball emerged a Beedrill, wearing a band on his left foreleg stinger into which was set a multicolored marble-like gemstone which seemed to complement the Poison Bee Pokémon's overall color scheme. Keith tweaked the brim of the Mega Hat he wore, the Key Stone set into his trademark headgear seeming to resonate with the Mega Stone the Beedrill was wearing from the moment he was sent out.

"Alright, you remember Neville here, of course," Keith said, gesturing to his Dragalge. "This here is Lenny," he added turning to his Sneasel, "this is Hermione," he continued, indicating the Weedle, "and this here is Melittin," he finished with a nod to his Beedrill. "You would've met my Stunfisk instead of Hermione, only I'm sure she'd be just as willing to learn about this place as Kyle," Keith explained. "Not only that, she and my Trubbish are what I'll be using in a Double Battle at some point in the... hopefully... near future," he said, barely holding back a sigh- Levin Sanders had recently resigned from his position as a battle referee, leaving the Fizzytopia region with something of a shortage of battle referees. "...Anyway, I've been wanting Hermione to get in some practice with some of her moves before the battle, so that's another reason I brought her here."

As Keith was speaking, the young, unusually-colored Sneasel approached the Aipom and Cubone. "Hi! My name's Lenny, who are you?" Lenny asked inquisitively.

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