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This is it, the final showdown. On one side of the field is Jake's secret weapon, a massive Electivire that Levin was amply familiar with; he'd dealt the finishing blow to Goyle and was looking to keep up his momentum. On the other side was a Magcargo, a species so often overlooked in the world of Fizzy Bubbles, under the ownership of Keith, who was himself more than accustomed to this type of Pokemon due to his early years spent in Lavaridge. One of these two Pokemon would claim victory for their Trainer in this exciting, evenly matched three-on-three bout!

Unlike one would expect from the climatic final battle, Heatstroke doesn't seem eager to get going; instead, he lets out a bored Yawn whose unmistakable sound fills the arena; Crix immediately Teleports behind the snail as he spotted it opening its mouth, but although he avoided the visual aspect of the move, in of itself contagious, he can't help but hearing the sleep-inducing noise Heatstroke produced, despite his shift in position. He might not be about to fall heavily asleep, having partially avoided the move, but the Electric-Type looks groggy and wouldn't mind taking a break if only he could.

Taking advantage of his opponent's temporary drowsiness, Heatstroke focused and caused his thin rock shell to shatter into a million pieces, becoming twice as dangerous, twice as fast, but twice as frail as well. Crix, being the experienced warrior he is, swiftly picks up on the drawback of the opponent's move and, capitalizing on his proximity, drills his crossed forearms into Heatstroke's back for massive damage!

The Magcargo growls in pain and quickly fights back, no longer encumbered by his shell; he nimbly turns around and summons a pillar of earth that emerges directly beneath Crix, hitting him hard with equally frightening results! The pain coursing through the Electivire's body is too much to neglect, so much so that any sleepiness he felt before is now completely gone.

The round ends with both fighters panting heavily, but grinning at each other having found their match. Both know the importance of their clash in the overall outcome and are entirely focused on walking out with the victory!

Health: 71%
Energy: 74%
Stats: Atk +2; Sp.Atk +2; Spd+2; Def -1; Sp.Def -1

Health: 71%
Energy: 65%

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