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Keith gritted his teeth- Goyle's body had locked up at the worst possible moment, preventing him from launching his Hyper Beam! Moreover, Crix's punching attacks had done their job- the Victreebel lay unconscious on the arena floor, now leaving each Trainer down to one Pokémon.

"Oh, man, dat paralysis screwed him ova but good," Meowth sighed.

"Yeah," Keith nodded, holding out Goyle's Poké Ball. "Goyle, return!" he added, watching as the ball shot out a red beam which withdrew the Victreebel back into its spherical confines. Once this was done, Keith pressed the button to shrink down the ball and replaced it upon his belt. Then he grabbed one last Poké Ball and pressed the button to enlarge it.

Keith and Meowth exchanged looks. "Go fer it," Meowth said to Keith.

Keith nodded and turned back to look at the Poké Ball in his hand. "It's all up to you, now," he murmured. He took a deep breath, and heaved the ball forwards. "Go! Heatstroke!" shouted Keith.

The ball split open in midair, and what appeared to be a sentient puddle of lava materialized on the battlefield. The Magcargo had an easygoing look in his eyes, in start contrast to his fiery appearance, but as he glanced around, Heatstroke got the idea that they were in a battle, so he looked back at Keith, giving a reassuring smile to convey the fact that he'd give it his best.

And Keith got the message loud and clear. He smiled back at Heatstroke and nodded. "Then let's win this!" he declared. "Heatstroke, Yawn, let's go! Then use your Shell Smash attack, and follow up with an Earth Power!"
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