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Goyle is severely injured but still raring to go, despite the nagging paralysis and all the punishment he suffered at the hand of Sparky. On the other side of the field, a fresh and quite frankly imposing figure materializes, one that causes Levin to smile fondly.

- Crix... looking good old friend.

The Electivire was one of Levin's very first partners and one of his most trusted allies - level-headed and incredibly powerful. They'd parted ways when Levin chose to focus on improving his Fighting-Type proficiency; had it been now, he'd never have agreed with letting the Electric-Type go.

I have to live with my choices. For Crix, it was for the best - Jake is the number one expert in Electric-Type Pokemon, and that's where Crix belongs...

Keith's Victreebel receives the orders from his Trainer with a knowing grin; fainting before this mighty foe is an inevitability in his current state, so might as well go out with a bang. However, such a destructive move as Hyper Beam takes time to prepare, especially in his numbed state, and Electivire has no trouble in going first.
The electric powerhouse charges his fist with flames and dashes forward; the hit comes swift and incredibly powered and drops Goyle on impact with a thud; blazes engulf the flytrap as it squirms in pain, and Jake wonders if that was enough to put Goyle away...

It is not. In an unbelievable display of resiliency, Keith's partner gets back up, wobbly but somehow conscious and with a glint in his eye. He opens his mouth, revealing a glimmering sphere of pure energy about to be unleashed, the swan song that can leave Crix weakened enough to be taken down later. The Grass-Type hangs on tight, takes aim and moves to unleash his destructive beam... but no, his body locks up completely!! Unable to bring his head forward to shoot the beam, Goyle is forced to let the collected energy dissipate harmlessly, and Keith realizes that this stroke of bad luck is nothing but good news to Jake.

Quick to pick up on what happened, Crix doesn't stand idly; he leaps forward a second time and delivers a crushing punch filled with ice energy this time, and this last blow proves to be the last Goyle can endure. The flytrap's eyes glaze over and he falls to the ground unconscious, ultimately unable to aid his next partner in weakening the lightning colossus despite Keith's plan.

Health: 0%
Energy: 39%

Health: 100%
Energy: 85%

Next Pokemon and orders: Missingno. Master


As always, PM me any questions.

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