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"Yes!" Keith exclaimed as Goyle's Venoshocks landed. The third one, however, was decidedly not the charm, for the Victreebel's body chose that exact moment to seize up, the paralysis getting the better of it yet again. Keith's grin faded slightly, but came back in full force once the poisoning in Sparky's system finished the job- the Galvantula fainted. "Way to go, Goyle!" he cheered, his Victreebel giving a sharp, cheerful shriek in response.

"Wonder wat Jake's last Pokémon is," Meowth wondered out loud.

"Well, we're about to find out," Keith stated, eyeing the Thunder Ball in Jake's hand. "He specializes in Electric-types, remember, and between that and the Thunder Ball he's got there, I'd say it's a safe bet his last Pokémon is an Electric-type."

Indeed, had Keith made such a bet, he'd have won it, for as Jake threw the Thunder Ball, a large yellow and black creature materialized. Keith's eyebrows rose as he eyed the unfamiliar creature.

"Whoa," Meowth remarked as Keith dug out his Pokédex. "When did Jake get an Electivire?"

"Electivire, the Thunderbolt Pokémon, and the evolved form of Electabuzz," said Keith's Pokédex. "Electivire attacks by pressing the tips of its two tails against its opponent, then unleashing a minimum of 20,000 volts through the tails. When attacking, an Electivire will close in on its opponent, heedless of any enemy attacks, and then strike."

"Geez," Keith murmured, half-impressed, half-concerned. "No wonder he saved that for last- Electivire sounds like some pretty tough stuff!"

"And Goyle ain't lookin' so hot, either," Meowth pointed out, indicating the paralyzed, defenseless Victreebel.

"Yeah," Keith nodded. "But since when have you ever known me to go down without a fight?" he added with a grin. "Goyle, let's do this!" he called out to his Victreebel. He realized, given the orders Jake was giving, that Goyle was only gonna be good for one last attack, if that much- the type matchups alone were a lot to consider, to say nothing of how weakened Goyle was as a result of the Screech. That said, though, even if they were only gonna get off one more move, Keith figured that was all the more reason to go all-out with that last move. "Hyper Beam, let's go!" Keith shouted.
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