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Re: Kristina's Secret Base

(I think this is really the first time I'm RPing with her too. XP So, yeah, she hasn't had much chance to grow.)

"Umbreon are cool. Umbreon and Espeon are my favorite Eeveelutions, I think they're both really majestic." Jess smiled as she admired the lovely black creature. "Er, do you think she'd let me pet her? You just said that she bites..."

Kris was also stroking Kanna, who seemed more relaxed now. She'd kinda wished there would be more Pokémon at the party who could interact with Kanna. She felt guilty for not having let Kanna out much ever since the Furret had been traded to her, but she hadn't been out adventuring much either for quite some time now.

Hearing Kris mention drinks, Jess began to get a little nervous. She wasn't really keen on the idea of drinking alchohol, so she started to check her bag to see if she had any other beverages with her. Much to her relief, she managed to spot some unopened bottles sitting at the bottom of her bag, and she pulled them out to offer people.

"Um, I've got three Fresh Waters (well, maybe they're not so fresh anymore) and a Soda Pop, if anyone's interested," she announced a bit uncertainly to the people remaining. "Just let me know if you want any."
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