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Re: Kristina's Secret Base


Rivka squeaked as the spectre appeared out of nowhere. Passho the Buizel was equally pale from the surprise, screaming "Bui!" and rushing to hide behind Mara, who was on guard but was laughing at the event. Xiuhcoatl (which Rivka often referred to as "Sho" for shorthand), the little Cyndaquil, was taken aback as well but tried to look tough and threatening by standing on all fours and flaring up the heat patches on his back. Mara looked to the fire echidna and barked a few times, presumably telling him to calm down as the Misdreavus was being playful. Reluctantly, the stubborn little Cyndaquil calmed down, a bit unhappy about the surprise but willing to trust the Linoone's judgment.

Meanwhile, the trainer, recovering from the initial shock, awkwardly asked the little ghost Pokemon. "Ah, hi there!" Although the Misdreavus had given her a scare, Rivka couldn't help but crack a smile at her adorable appearance. "Is this Kris's base? I heard there's a party going on and I thought I should check it out; you may not know me, but I had given her Mizu when she was a little Caterpie hatchling." Trying her best not to offend the little ghost, Rivka stood, awaiting permission to proceed.

((EDIT: Dear God I'm retarded today. DX))
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