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Re: Kristina's Secret Base

"Ahaha, no, I'm okay..." Jessica answered dizzily as she touched her head to steady herself. "Oh, look, blood..."

Meanwhile, Kief had recovered rather quickly from the initial shock of nearly being hit by a flying glass object, and wagged his tail ecstatically upon seeing Kris. With a grin, he leapt from Jess's back to greet Kris in a gigantic flying tackle, barking joyfully as he eagerly licked her face. Kana however, still clung wetly to her trainer's legs, her entire body quivering in post-terror.

With much effort, especially having to drag around a traumatized ferret, Jess managed to stagger forward a couple steps and wave to the three-people crowd gathered inside the treehouse. "Hey, wassup?" The hit from the bottle seemed to have knocked some confidence into the normally shy and withdrawn teenager. Or maybe she had accidentally drunk some of the liquor, who knows.
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