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Re: Kristina's Secret Base

Kris laughed slightly at Andrew, finding his social awkwardness strangely endearing, no doubt a throwback to her natural maternal tendencies. Looking around, she eventually stashed the wine on an empty square of the bookshelf, having little other table space, and by the time she looked up, her first guest had run off to check on her newest, a...barely pubescent girl? Well, good thing Kris had lived a full life, because she could suddenly see jail time in her future.

"Hi." She greeted, wandering over and extending her hand rather awkwardly. Oh great, another name she didn't know. Where the hell was she finding these people to invite? "Mind the floor, it's not completely stable. I hope you're not afraid of spiders. Or ghosts. Or heights. Or...that."

She motioned behind her guests. Two glaring red orbs peered out from the dead foliage of a low hanging branch that dipped oh so precariously in front of the base. There was a growl, then a banshee snarl, then...a small four legged furry monstrosity leaped over, narrowly missing colliding with the young man and girl, and wobbled unsteadily as she landed on the floor, bounding up to rub against Kris' ankles. The girl reache down and scratched her Umbreon behind the ears, just in time for the door to clatter open once more, heralding a third guest, who she emmediately recognized.

"JEEEEEEESSICA!" She screeched, waving at the girl, who was....wet, with two rodents clinging to her, one of which looked about ready to die from a massive heart attack.

"...should I fetch a towel? ambulance?" She noted as an afterthought, motioning towards what appeared to be a fleck of glass tangled in her friend's hair.
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