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Re: Kristina's Secret Base

"Hey!" a warm welcome, and an awkward pause in which Andrew realised he had been the first one to arrive. So much for fashionably late. The ladder had been a difficult climb, especially with the wine bottle, which he thrust towards the host. Wine, yes, the finest bottle he could find for 20 dollars at the nearest gas station. He nodded in greeting and chattoted a hearty hey as well. One thing was for sure, he could not remember at all what the host's name was, but either way, at least he knew her. Which can't be said about all parties Andrew had gone to.

"Been forever hasn't it? It was really nice of you to throw a party, I haven't been in this area in a while. Odd place for a Secret Base though, hear the weather isn't the best here, lots of gales and storms and such," Andrew chatted, not even realizing that this could be construed as rude and taking off his rather heavy coat. The sweater he was wearing suddenly looked ghastly on him, too bright a pattern, even if Bo made it, he felt it may have not been the proper dress.

"I brought along some wine, since, well um... I figured you like wine!"

He heard some shouting outside, and with a odd shrug, ran outside to check, glad that something had broke the silence.

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