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>Jerichi chooses Jirachi

And with that, it's time to unveil the arena. Boy do I love Mystery Dungeon.

Wish Cave
Battles here take place within a large chamber, which provides plenty room for even the largest Pokemon to move freely and comfortably. Hidden deep underground in the Hoenn region, this simple chamber holds an incredible secret. Sleeping place of the Legendary Pokemon Jirachi, the entire area is illuminated by a strange mapping of the constellations overhead. These gems radiate pure light, mimicking that given off by the moon, and will further strengthen the potency of Wish. Despite being so far underground, there is a distinct chill in the air which will somewhat sap the strength of Fire type attacks. Rocks here are plentiful, with boulders easily large enough to provide cover for the average Pokemon, but the floor of the chamber has a strange strength to it, leaving any Ground type moves used on it slightly reduced in potency.

So, Jeri, with the setting laid out and the prize on show, who will be your champion?
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