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Defog (FL) -- Using good energy, the user slashes the air, sending a pair of bursts laced with energy that stir up the air. This move may be targeted one of three ways. If sent undirected into the arena, it will clear fogs, mists, gases, and smogs that fill the arena. If focused on the user's side, it will clear out any entry hazards, webs, snares or lingering powders or spores. If targeted at the foe, it can be used to weaken fresh screens or destroy weak ones, blow away spore or powder moves or counter wind-based moves.

Brick Break (FT) -- An even more focused form of Rock Smash, the user concentrates their energy into their hand or other part and hits the opponent with an open-hand chop, which deals solid damage, but even more so on breakable objects such as panes due to the increase in power thanks to the follow- through. Like Rock Smash, slightly harder Pokémon will take somewhat harder damage. Brick Break is also able to more easily shatter screens, dealing significant damage to the Pokémon behind the screen.

On a semi-related note.

Gust (FL) -- The user flaps its wings, creating powerful gusts of wind which hit the opponent for good damage. It may also be used defensively to clear away mists, smogs, fogs and gases that linger in the arena.

I mean, it's been shown to do this in the anime since like the first episode, so it only seems logical to include it.
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