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Disable? No, not really.

Very few Pokemon who know Disable are not able to use Psychic for exactly the same purpose, but far more efficiently. Yeah you have less Psychic energy in the end for a few like Wigglytuff or Cofagrigus but that is still so much better than the obscene amounts of energy a proper Disable takes.

And even the ones who don't, like Zangoose and Muk, are STILL wasting a crapton of energy on this stupid "hold em still" tactic.

Overall, you're better off having, instead of "Disable" "Hyper beam", "Hyper Beam" "Hyper Beam" and risking the misses anyway. You end up using LESS energy, for TWICE AS MUCH DAMAGE and a higher chance of dealing it.

So that's why Disable needs to be fixed.
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