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I brought this up a while ago! I think the response I received was "well no ref is going to actually enforce that because it's dumb" so it's good you guys are doing this now

I was thinking about Disable recently and how useless it is. Currently, it's a puppeteering move without the puppeteering, and ends right after the user stops concentrating.

Because of refs wanting to be fair, this ALWAYS (10/10 cases, aka every time) results in the Pokemon regaining full function of its limbs and body and mind, which then allows them to dodge whatever large and scary attack is coming at them. So in the end?

The pokemon has just used 2 hyper beams of energy Disabling the opponent and launching a FC Hyper Beam to make sure it doesn't miss. The attack missed anyway, and the pokemon took decent damage from the Agilidodge -> Hidden Power.

It could be better.

Maybe if it was more like a neurotoxin? Black Widow venom floods the body with ACH (acetylcholine), which causes intense muscle spasms. A Disable could possibly just give you a sharp lock-up that interrupts whatever you happen to be doing.

So, like, you wouldn't be able to just use it to hold someone still while you ready an attack (a strategy that basically never works in PASBL anyway, but still! It's like Disable's listed function, so it's really not okay that it can't do that). Instead, you'd use it as a disruption or preventative measure.

In the Anime, there's a really inconsistent application of Disable. There's a weird one involving Golduck that disintegrates every move that tries to hit it (????), but most of them seem to be "pulse of energy that stops movement." with a few different applications thrown in for good measure (one blocks the use of an attack for a while, another is mind control).

I'd say "the user releases a shock of psychic energy that sharply locks up the target's muscles. It only lasts for a second or two." But you can do your own I guess.
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