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I want to say that Copycat, Me First, and Mirror Move should use something closer to 1.25x energy instead of 1.5x energy, because 1.5x seems overly nerfed.

Although Me First might should be 1.5x energy if it gets a 1.2x/1.25x boost to power as well, since in-game Me First increases power.

Also, I've been thinking about Giga Impact and the elemental Hyper Beams. I think maybe they should be given slightly less downside. "The user must spend the next round resting" is really, really severe. I'm not saying there should be no penalty to it, but maybe something slightly less.

On that note, could Blast Burn, Hydro Cannon, and Frenzy Plant be made a little more Hyper Beam-ish, in making them able to go part-charged? It might could break the monotony of Flamethrower etc every round, and encourage a bit more creativity on orders.

Oh, also, diamond storm. Can we get a script for that?
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